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Would you like having a maid?

Would you like having a maid?

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Registered Member
My boyfriend took me in, and as someone who doesn't work.. I like having the responsibility of doing things around the apartment. I think it's a small way to pay him back for letting me live here.


It's not me, it's you.
I hate ironing so much that I refuse to do it. I will wear clothing wrinkled. Unless it's a really nice formal function, I guess. I haven't used my iron in years. Honestly I only have it because I used to iron the pictures that I stitched before framing and hanging them.

But yes, I would love to have a maid. I don't have to have anything a particular way at all. And I don't mind if he/she takes a peek at my naughty drawer, either. If it embarrasses them, then they don't have to look.


Oh, poppycock.
To be honest, I would only like one for cleaning and organizing. It is such a weakness with me, everything else I would end up doing it myself.


Sally Twit
No. I think people should clean up after themselves. I know it is a very boring task but it has to be done. I would feel really lazy if I was paying someone to clean my house.


Registered Member
if it was a maid that i didnt know whatsoever and i didnt know her friends or family whatsoever and if i could totally trust the maid then... totally


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I am such a clean freak I'd be doing everything over anyway. lol So no...I wouldn't like a maid... the poor thing would never feel like she was doing it right lol


Well-Known Member
If I had absolutely no free time to do those things myself, then I would have a maid. Although i'd probably to be as tidy as possible so it wasn't a huge job and didn't embarrass myself with my mess. And i'd still do my laundry myseld. I dislike people doing my laundry, even my mother. But if I had the time, even if I had the money to pay for a maid, I don't think i'd have one. It would seem like an invasion of privacy that could be avoided.


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i would absoloutly LOVE to have a maid...i am terrible at cleaning, i just hate doing it and it takes me aaages...i probably shouldnt admit this but my mum often comes to my flat to help me clean it properly so i kinda already have 1 lol


Registered Member
No way, never ever period! They're eerie mouths and can't trust them! And she DEF needs to KEEP OUT of MY room, it's invading my space! When I leave home, NO MAIDS PERIOD EVER! At least she's only part-time now but it still f**ks with me since I cant be home all the time. I hope she finds a job somewhere else!
Oh, /end of rant.


Registered Member
We had a partial maid for a while, we had her do specific jobs and it was a great experience.

I have not mowed my lawn in three years, we pay our adult children to do it. They like having the extra money.

A dig I can't resist is that I am an Oklahoma University sooners fan with no college degree. I pay my son-in-law to mow my lawn who has a degree from Oklahoma State University, our inner state rival.