Would you let somebody you care about die?


Where is my Queen?
Would you let somebody that you care about die (under conrtol circumstances) if it would make you life easier? It could be your dad, mom, brother, sister, or friend.

Honestly I would let my friend die if it that circumstance ever comes up. He has backstabbed me and tries to spin it around as if he did not do anything wrong. I let him believe that I believe his lies. The only reason I have not terminated the relationship is because we have a business deal going on and he has become friends with all my friends and I if I ended the relationship, it would cause all kinds of problems. So if I was under that circumstance, I would not hesitate to walk away. It may sound cold hearted, but if you knew him how I know him, you would do the same thing.


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There are very few people in this world that I would let die. Certainly not anyone I cared about. What a ridiculous question.


Where is my Queen?
How is it a ridiculous question? If you were in a situation and hated you life over one person and still kind of cared about them but made you life a living hell would you walk away?


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it's plain and simple for me.

It's wrong to let anybody die even if you don't know them.


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I have the perfect person in mind that would fit that profile.

It's hard for me to answer, but I don't think I'd let her die... If only because I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
Answer to your question: HELL NO

God would be sooooo disappointed with me if I ever did that. I have a feeling the message he might give me might fall along the lines of: "Letting somebody die just to make your life easier is VERY selfish. Life is here for you to be challenge, and for this challenge, you. have. failed. >=("