Would you go to war against friends for your country?

Would you go to war against friends for your country?

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Hear me out. The title may come across as disturbing and twisted but I actually have a point to raise.

Assume we break into World War 3 in the next 10 years.

There are a lot of different countries represented here. It's safe to say that most of them would probably be on the same side but no guarantee.

If you were drafted to war and you knew you'd potentially be going to war directly against somebody that you knew either from GF or just in general in another country, would you be able to do it?

We are talking contributing to your country being on the winning side in the end. We are also talking about potentially being a part of killing somebody that you know.

In this day and age where so many people know people all over the world through the internet I imagine this situation would come up more often than in the past. It wouldn't be quite as bad as a Civil War but there would definitely be friends on opposite sides of battle.

Your options:

  1. Go to war, contribute to your country being on the winning side, potentially fight against or even kill friends on the opposing side.
  2. Stay home, do nothing to contribute to your country being on the winning side, avoid having to go to war against friends.

But translated, they also could mean (sure one person wouldn't make THE difference but essentially these could be your choices as well, worst case scenario):

  1. Go to war against friends and your country doesn't get invaded. You essentially save your friends and family members from your own country.
  2. Stay home but your country loses the war and gets invaded. You lose friends and family members when the cities they live in are bombed.

Quite a sticky and baited question if you ask me. :shake:
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Go to war.

It's obviously a tough decision though because what if you ended up really killing someone you knew. Hopefully you wouldn't know who it was though because I don't think I'd really stop and examine if I know who the person is or not.


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I'd go to war. Because I wouldn't be fighting the individual soldiers (okay, I would, but hear me out), I'd be fighting the countries. Same goes for the opposing soldiers, it's a possibility they're going to end up killing friends, but they do it anyway. Because the fact that they're helping to win the war for their country is what matters.

I recall a quote from Spock. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."


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Since I'm already in the Army, I'd probably go fight.

Although if I was 100% convinced that my country was completely wrong, I would refuse to fight (this would involve stronger arguments than the ones against the current Iraq war - it might be wrong, but it's not enough to be conclusive, IMO.


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I would go to war, my country is first. Even though I have a friend on the opposing side, I have more friends on my side and I will not stay at home and let my friends die. My country is first. And it would be unfortunate that I killed my friend on the opposing side, but he would have done the same thing and would not even know it.


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Stay home definitely. I don't care what happens, I am in no place to kill another person. It's just wrong, and war is wrong too.

If the situation was real, the difference of me individually not going to the war would not be so big that the country would get invaded. It would not be my fault, and I would not feel guilty at all. No where near the feeling of guilt I'd have for killing somebody.


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well if you were drafted to go you wouldn't have a choice in the matter...well you would but the choice is conscript or go to gaol...

and ultimately it would come down to the safety of your family and imediate friends...

If my country was in danger of being invaded and that posed a threat to the safety and well being of my family and close friends i wouldn't even need to be drafted...i'd be the first one to apply for service.
seeing im in the army already i would have no choice, but if i did then yes i would choose go to war, my country and lifestyle is far more important to me, but by me saying that it would still be a very hard decision- but like i said country is always first