would you give and take?


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part 1
today at work we had a blood drive. I give every two months and have gone through 3 donor cards, so its very normal to me. today while trying to rally some to donate one told me that it was against their religion, and it got me thinking. Anyone out their donate? if not why? if religious I am interested in to knowing why and what does your faith day about it

part 2
whether or not if you give, would you take donated blood? Some people even told me that they would donate but not take it...


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I would donate, but I'm not qualified.

Would I take? Of course! When it's a matter of life and death how can you refuse the blood you need?


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I would also do both, but I can't donate. I can barely have enough blood drawn for tests without leaving me woosy and near passing out.
I donated March 22nd '08 and need to do another one soon. I'm type O Negative and I feel obligated to give since I have a rare type. A little sting at first, draw the blood and rest for 15 minutes. That's about it. Of course there is soreness the next day. I suggest not working or doing any heavy lifting.

I'm a Christian and I give. I believe we should give whenever we can, HOWEVER we can. If it's money, donate the cash, if it's blood, donate the blood. It's a good way help somebody out who may be in need of your blood. Each time you donate you COULD save up to 6 lives. :eek:)


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The blood banks loves me..I'm O-. So they get me to donate as much as I can..I also donate Plasma too.

Yes I would take the blood if I needed it, but then again I can only receive blood from another O-.


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I've given blood and received donated blood.
I give blood:
a) because in my personal opinion it's the right thing to do
b) because when I was 7 I needed a blood transfusion after an operation
c) because when my eldest daughter was 18 months old she needed a blood transfusion too
d) my blood type is A- and over here in the UK A- isn't common.
So I suppose that b, c and d kind of make a...if that makes sense?
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I never gave blood, but I wouldn't mine doing so and if I needed blood myself and I knew it was safe then by all means I would take it if I really needed it.