Would you ever go to a "Donkey Show"?


Well the thread title says it all. Would you ever go to a Donkey Show?

Donkey Show

A donkey show is a form of sex-tourism entertainment in Mexico. It is common for taxi drivers in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, to offer tourists a ride to see a "donkey show." Donkey shows are performed (or have been performed) in thered light districts of each of these cities. The primary purpose of such shows is to entice tourists to drink copious amounts of alcohol while waiting for the show to begin. In most instances, an actual donkey show will be performed, but patrons may need to wait until the crowd size is considered large enough to begin the show (and liquor sales have been sufficient).
Personally, I wouldn't go to one myself, but I know some people who would, and I just wondered if there's anyone on this board who would (or has even already been to one).


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Well, um, no- I wouldn't go to THAT kind of 'donkey show'.

But if it were a real, literal donkey show, meaning people showing donkeys like at a horse show, then yeah.

After all, I went to an alpaca show a couple of weeks ago, so why not donkeys? :nod:


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I'm still wondering if anyone is actually going to answer this truthfully and admit, "Yes, I would watch a woman screw a donkey, and also possibly enjoy watching other acts of beastiality."


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Not me, I like to keep my donkey dongs and my Mexican booze binges separate - and actually, if you've seen a donkey get down, it's not a pretty sight. They might do better down TJ way to start having girl-and-dog shows instead; that might fill up the bars faster. Gotta keep up with the times, you know.


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The OP:

Yes... I would. Why you ask? Why would you watch the brutal bloody scene of a car crash? So that later you can tell people when they crack jokes like; I hope you get in a mangled wreck with an SUV going 85 down a 30degree grade on the Interstate... and then you can say to them "Hey man, thats not cool... I've seen that, its not pretty man". Well its the same with a donkey show... Next time someone talks about it you can say "hey man..... hey, I was down in TJ... and I had 15 minutes to spare and I made a wrong turn down the wrong alleyway and walked into the wrong building and paid a cover charge of a stick of bubble gum and my lucky condom wrapper and I saw it... I saw a Donkey show, they.... well lets just say you dont know, you cant know until you've seen it."

I want to be able to say that :hah:

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