Would you date a smoker?


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If you don't smoke yourself, do you have a problem with others that do?
Would that be a reason for saying no to go out with a guy/girl for example?

I don't smoke, but almost my whole family does, so I'm sort of used to the smell and all. The only thing I can't handle is people smoking in the car. :sick:

But I know a lot of people have a strong opinion about this, and would dump a guy/girl if they started smoking. Would you?
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well i have bin out with smokers and it can tase really rank when they kiss u . .but i wudnt break up wae them for that reason!!!!

i think its up to them what they do . .and its the peron i want!!!
I wouldn't date another person if they did smoke. Why? Because I would always complain and try to convince them to stop smoking. I would be concerned for their health and every time they lit up so would I (verbally speaking). ;)

I especially hate when people smoke in cars. They keep the windows up, too to "keep the cold out" >.<;


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I don't think kissing a smoker's that bad...
I do get the whole health issue though, but I couldn't turn away from someone based merely on the fact that they smoke.
I think for someone who doesnt smoke, kissing a smoker could be really nasty,.sorry.. i've kissed smokers before and it almost made me want to trow up.. but then i became a smoker and i found me another smoker and he both stank and it was great lol.. but then he stopped smoking and then i was the stinky one LOL so then after a while i quit too LOL well sometimes i smoke a few hits.. but he doesnt know though heheheh.. cigarettes stink!


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I don't smoke myself. I have never even tried actually, but I still don't think it's that bad. Many times the guy is really conscious about it though and chews gum or something, trying to camouflage the taste and smell. Sometimes I think that's worse than the actual "smoketaste" or whatever you wanna call it.


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I really don't mind snogging a smoker, however, some people don't wash as often as they should, and/or they don't wash their clothes as often as they should, and this is highlighted to a nonsmoker when a smoker lacks these hygene skills, and that is what is rank.

Sometimes if I go into a clean house, I like the smell of cigarette smoke, but if the smell is old, and smells more of ash than smoke, then that's horrible.
I've bought 'new' items from ebay, and I can tell of the items came from a smokers house.

Again, in answer to the question, 'yes' I'd snog a smoker.
I've dated smokers in the past, but probably wouldn't now. When I was younger I didn't consider all the health problems they were bringing into my environment; now I wouldn't want to be around it.


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Me and my fiance both smoke.
However a few years ago I went out with a guy who hated smoking. If I was around him I couldn't smoke without him making sly comments about how unattractive it was and how it would be the death me etc etc
To be honest I didn't make me wanna stop smoking...It just made me wanna smoke more when I wasn't with him.
The way he reacted made me feel like ugly, even tho I would have a mint/chewing gum afterwards and sprayed myself with bodyspray.
I don't have to worry about that now.
It is better to stick with someone eho has the same preference as you tho I think.