Would you date a person with a disability?


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For me it would depend on how severe the disability is and how much the person accepts it. What are your views?


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Yeah, depends on the disability because technically, having glasses is a disability. If we're talking someone who is barely independent, I don't know if I could.


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I would, depending on the severity. Blind, deaf, missing a limb etc probably wouldn't worry me as long as I was attracted to that person. But I guess if that person had mental limitations or something like that, it would be difficult.


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If I met someone and they had a bad disability where they couldn't speak or something then I wouldn't date them. What would be the point? I wouldn't be able to get to know them. If they developed this illness while we were in a relationship then that would be completely different. If I loved this person then I would stay with them.
As Tas said, if the person was blind or missing a limb then I would definitely date them. I just don't think I could say yes to dating someone that couldn't speak because if you can't get to know someone then why date them?


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Yah, it would depend on the disability and how severe it was. If it's physical (missing a limb), it would depend on if I was still sexually attracted to him. I don't think I could date someone blind or deaf, cause there would be so many things I couldn't share with him that I would want to. If it's mental, probably not.

I dated someone with a stutter. It was mildly annoying. A lot of my attraction to someone is based on quick back and forth banter, so that's mainly why it bugged me.

It would just depend.


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Like everyone mentioned, it would depend on the disability. If someone was in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, then no I couldn't date this person. If someone was blind, then I don't believe I could date her either. I just don't believe I would be able to cope with it for the rest of my life. I know it's tougher on them.


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I met my now wife Julia in school 8 years ago and up untill 3 years ago I was a working, strong, fit man but I caught mumps its a viral infection in the glands around the face etc. Then from that I started to decline in health and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a condition that affects the tendons ligaments and muscles around my body which is very painfull and some days I cant move from my bed, but JULIA new this and still marrid me 2 years ago and she is the best person in the world and I have allot to thank her for.
If I was in the possition of Ju ofcourse I would do the same.
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For me it would depend on how severe the disability is and how much the person accepts it. What are your views?
Yes, for example there's a thread here that asks if you would still be with someone who has serious health issues and I replied yes to that.

I guess we need specifics because "disability" is a broad term. The other month, I was tempted to start a thread "Would you date a mute/deaf person?". I forgot all about it until this thread. The reason I asked was based on the responses to the "How important is language" thread where several said they probably wouldn't date someone who barely speaks their language. So what more if the person cannot talk or hear at all? That poses a bigger barrier. While I said I would date someone who doesn't speak my languages fluently, I'm not sure if I'd feel just as ready if the person couldn't communicate like I do (can't hear/talk). I know I could resort to sign language and learn but a relationship is hard enough to work with, without having to deal with work involved in basic understanding of each other. That, and it's important for me to be able to share my passion in music.


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I concur with everyone else. It depends on the severity. I can't date someone who cannot be independent. I'd feel like I'm always tied down and stuck with limited opportunities.