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Discuss Would you call off the wedding if your fiancé invited someone you despise the mosy


New Member
Ive noticed that some couple would actually call the wedding whenever their fiance invites the person they hate or despise the most..
I was woundering if you would do it??


Free Spirit
Staff member
It's according to who this person is. If its a relative or family friend then maybe they feel the need to invite them. I could deal with them by avoiding them. If its an ex it would be an entirely different story. Then I might call off the wedding. You don't invite an ex to your wedding, it shows little respect for your new wife/husband.

I would have to have more information before I could say too much about this.


If it's your fiancé's relative or something like that, then you best just suck it up and try to play nice for one day, but if it were me, I'd be having a good long talk with the one I was aiming to marry on the subject. This is supposed to be a special day for both of you, so would it be more disappointing for your fiancé not to have this person present on their special day, or more aggravating for you if they were there? Marriage has a lot to do with compromise, so might as well start now. :)

- Cham


Problematic Shitlord
If this is actually the person you despise the most, then they should be understanding. However, if we're talking a mother or father, that may be a tall order to expect from them. What would concern me is why your fiance is friends with someone you thoroughly hate. That sounds like a problem in and of itself.


Registered Member
What would concern me is why your fiance is friends with someone you thoroughly hate. That sounds like a problem in and of itself.
Best reply of them all.

Individually though, I would call off the wedding if my ham sandwich wasn't cut right. So... that's me for you. Thankfully, I don't ever have to worry about that.

Speaking of which... does anyone actually know if there is something or something to the effect of a "Mutual Exclusivity Contract" that basically says "You can't be with anyone else but me and I can't be with anyone else but you, but we're not technically 'Married' though that's still the effect"?

I'm guessing it would be called a "Civil Union" or something with terms and conditions, but if it doesn't exist already, I'm gonna have to invent the term "Mutual Exclusivity Contract" and make it that or something. It's probably the greatest thing in the world for people who have F-ed up so badly that it's beyond repair but they have to be together anyways.

Plus, I think all weddings are abominations compared to what God himself does when he really cares to involve himself in the lives of two people. So with that in mind, weddings are like an extreme privilege to me, and if the slightest thing goes wrong or is wrong about it or puts off either one of the couple, I say to hell with it and no one needs it.

Always felt that way even years back. If anyone even so much as looks at either one of us funny, the whole thing is off. Everyone complains so much about girls getting cold feet....... what about the guy? Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I'm going to overlook the fact that the woman I'm about to marry may just be a psycho in disguise. Guys' fears are very under-rated.