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would you bid on a auction that the prize is cash from moneybookers?


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A few months ago my soccer team played the UEFA final here in Portugal (sporting lisbon) and before the game i decided that i had to win something in that day. so i betted online. This way i would be extremly happy because my team won the UEFA final or i would be happy to because i would won a bet (betting in the oponnent team).
Well i did this.. the odds for the other team were great 4.0 and i just betted... unfortunly for my team i won the bet.. now i was thinking it would be nice to sell all my money in a mysterious auction.
The idea sounds good but i don't know how are the ppl about moneybookers? would you bid on a misterious auction where the money won were sent to your moneybookers about? then you can withdraw it obvious...

Let me know your opinion.. i don't want to withdraw that money to my acount because betting in my country is not allowed so i'll auction it :)



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Hmmmmmmmmmmm good question...although I don't know the answer!!! Kepp us posted on what you are going to do!!!


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If you are essentially just wanting to get cash back from your winnings....look into transfering the money to a company such as neteller then from there moving it to your bank account.

As far as an auction goes.....i don't know what a moneybooker is, and i would imagine most others don't either. So if you were going to run an auction, you would want to include what it is, how easy the money is to get and so on.

I'd even be interested in it if i understood how it worked and thought it was a good deal...let me know what you end up doing with it