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Would Wolfe be better off in the WWE?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Desmond Wolfe had a great start in TNA, but now he's getting lost in the shuffle unfortunately.

My question to you guys is I'm wondering if he would of been better off joining the WWE instead and going through NXT like Kaval and Daniel have?

Personally, I believe he could of had a better oppurtunity in the WWE. Former guys like Danielson, Punk, Kaval and even Bourne are pretty big names in the WWE right now, and I believe with Wolfe skills he could be a player in the WWE.

Now I know that the WWE haven't pushed an English wrestler in a while, but I believe they would make an exception with Wolfe.



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For a fake sport, is it even a sport? I have no idea but it seems like so much fun for you, makes me wonder what I'm missing.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
For a fake sport, is it even a sport? I have no idea but it seems like so much fun for you, makes me wonder what I'm missing.
It's more the issue of us enjoying the stories involved, and while it's not competitive as a sport, it includes some incredible feats of athleticism. If you're wondering what you're missing, I definitely involve giving pro wrestling a try for a while!

As for the OP, I actually don't know the answer. Yes Wolfe is being lost in the shuffle in TNA at the moment, but I think it's just as easy for that to happen to him in the WWE...if not easier, judging their history. Plus, with the names you mentioned Biz, and Del Rio, and the new acquisition of ROH's champ Tyler Black, It's hard to picture Wolfe not being lost in the WWE. With TNA, I see more opportunities of the the coming few months for his presence to increase.

I think as far as one company or another being the "perfect storm" for Wolfe's career, I'd go with TNA at the moment. With his talent I think he'd be great in either company, and I do like the point about the WWE not having a British presence outside of William Regal.

Do you think the WWE would show interest in Wolfe? I know they had at the time of his first TNA appearance, but how likely is the switch at this point? They've got so much new and young talent going, I don't know how they'd fit him in.


Where is my Queen?
Desmond Wolfe would be the the opening match of Superstars right now if he was in the WWE. WWE creative team is equally bad if not worst than TNAs. If I was Wolfe I would stay with TNA, because if Linda McMahon wins her Senate Seat TNA will pull everything out of there hat and really try to start competing because the WWE will not let go of the "PG Era" if Linda McMahon is a Senator. That is why he needs to to stay.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Well, Desmond Wolfe had an agreement in place to go to the WWE before he decided against it so needless to say the WWE has had interest in the past and I would think they could again.

As far as the OP goes, man, I don't know. It's almost impossible to say. When Wolfe debuted in TNA he had a feud with Kurt Angle so for a while he was a player in the company. I just don't think it's possible to say. I mean if Danielson went to TNA maybe they push him to the title...does that mean he's better off or if he better being in the WWE and enjoying some success. I don't know!


I ♥ Haters
For a fake sport, is it even a sport? I have no idea but it seems like so much fun for you, makes me wonder what I'm missing.
Oh, you know, I hate being the bitch but um, sometimes I will rise to the occasion. Like you said it’s a “fake sport” That’s a no brainer, but a lot of us tend to enjoy the kayfabe, kinda like... oh, I dunno, Jersey Shore, for instance? More than 90 percent of TV is fake, if you wanna get literal about it. There’s no need to come in here with a haughty attitude towards what other people find enjoyable.

Anyways, getting back on topic, I hate Desmond Wolfe. I’ll admit he’s pretty talented, but I just don’t like him. He had a good start in TNA going up against Kurt Angle, but he’s really not that good. I guess a jump to the WWE would probably be a good thing, but in the end I just don’t give a shit. I could careless what he does.