Would Testing Games Be Fun?


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People (well gamers) are always saying how they wish they could get a job as game tester and how awesome that job would be. After all, you get to play videogames all day and get paid for it right?

Well yeah, but think back to all the games or computer programs that you used in the past that had glitches, froze up on you, or whatever.

Is it really that fun to be playing a game and have it freeze on you after you do something really hard? Is it fun to play the same part of the same game over and over and over, especially if it's a boring part? What about when your game crashes and you lose everything, or when you can't get past part of the game because of some glitch. Oh, and there are no workarounds or guides online to help you get past any problems. You're supposed to be coming up with those yourself.

No thank you. I'll leave the game testing to those with more of a masochistic outlook on life. I'd rather play games and actually be able to enjoy them. Unlike some people, I do not think getting the equivalent of a blue screen all day long and knowing that it's expected to be there.


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No, it would be more tedious than fun. Game testers don't actually play through the game like your average gamer would. Their goal is to actually look for glitches. Running into walls and doing various things like that.


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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: people who get to play actual betas & alphas don't think "Cool, I get to play this before everyone else". It's more likely they think "Right, how am I going to break this game today?"

Actual playtesting involves a hell of a lot of repetition, playing the same sections over and over again, trying to see where the glitches and bugs are. They also have to remain in almost constant contact with the developers through bug reports, and they have to be precise in the reports.

It's also a largely thankless job. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if playtesters wouldn't be able to enjoy the finished product with the amount of times they have to go through them.


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Like Ech and Storm have said, in theory? It would be novel and a pretty sweet job. I mean, hey, playing games all day, huh? That'd be pretty awesome!....except that it wouldn't. You're not playing the games. You're testing them. It's your job to look for bugs, glitches, problems. You're there to make sure the game runs properly, does what it's meant to, not to enjoy the game.

It would get pretty boring playing the same scenes endlessly, going through every inch of every map, doing all the things you could possibly do to make sure nothing breaks down where it's not supposed to, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

So it's a novel sounding job, but I'm not so sure I'd want to do it myself. I'm a gamer, I need to be able to enjoy the game. :dunno:


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As a professional arcade game technician, I'm playing games all day long. I have to know how the game is supposed to play before I can determine what's wrong with it. After I play it and determine where the fault lies, then I have to fix it, and then play it again. I have to insure that it's working absolutely correctly before I return it to it's rightful owner.
I'm sure some people would be fascinated by a career such as mine, but believe me, it does get boring at times. That's why I don't have even one game in my home.


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That's why I don't have even one game in my home.
I could see that. No matter how cool the cash register may be at your local grocery store you don't see people wanting to take them home and use them off the clock. So it seems like this career choice has ruined games as a form of entertainment for you?


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I don't think it'd be fun, when you test a video game, you check for glitches and get 100% game completion, and walk on every segment, and do everything possible.

Like you were "testing" and race-car game, you wouldn't just drive around the track like a normal player would, you would try to crash the car or flip and try to make it glitch.