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  1. Babe_Ruth

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    If Hitler was born 20 years ago instead of 1889, and hes was elected as the Chancellor of Germany. Do you believe that he would be able to brainwash the Germans like he did in the 40's, and create such havoc in today's age that he did in the past?
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  2. Malificus

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    Since you're moving Hitler, who was kinda influential on history by like, a century, how much of history are you changing/keeping the same?
  3. Babe_Ruth

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    Yeah, everything is the same, except that World War 2 never excisted, because Adolph Hitler wasn't alive at the time.

    But everything else that happened history remains the same.
  4. Sim

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    When that's the case, there are too many hypothetics in the question to answer it.

    I'd say it would be entirely impossible for someone like Hitler to be elected today in Germany. Since the 1968s, the first post-war generation took over in Germany, Germany made a huge shift to the liberal side, it's now more liberal than "blue states" in the US (a poll found 76% of the Germans would vote for the black man Obama, while only 10% preferred McCain). Also, trying to avoid past mistakes, especially those connected to Nazism, have become mainstream in Germany.

    So I'd say "no chance" for Hitler today.

    But it's impossble to tell if that had happened too, would WW2 not have taken place. It's impossible to say how today's Germany would look like without WW2.

    But I'd say it's still unlikely Hitler would have been elected in that case. Only very specific factors allowed Hitler's rise to power in 1933 (he was never elected, by the way, but in the last election before the takeover in November 1932, the Nazi Party made 33% only), like President Hindenburg willing to nominate him. Germany's economy was about recovering already at that point, and the Nazis' popularity was about decreasing already.

    So I'd say had Hitler and the Nazi Party not existed, it's most likely President Hindenburg would have either installed an authoritarian regime governed by old monarchists, maybe even resurrected monarchy, or the Weimar Republic would have stabilized eventually, to the degree the economy recovered and the Allies were willing to give Germany more leeway, revizing the Versailles Treaty.

    In that case, Germany today would be nothing like it is today. So it's hard to tell whether Hitler would have a chance. At any rate, he would have no chance in today's Germany as it is.
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  5. micfranklin

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    He probably wouldn't because one of the reasons Hitler came to power was because Germany was in need of someone to pull them out of their serious debt.
  6. Iris

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    Let's take a look at Germany. In a depression from paying for the war. Then paying reparations to the countries on the winning team. People going out of jobs, it was horrible in Germany after the first war. I remember my teacher telling me the story of how a woman went into a store and left a basket of money outside. When she came out the basket was gone, but the money was there.

    Hitler promised the germans many things. A huge empire and a great country. The people, desperate, allowed his take over, actually believing he could create a powerful country. He did bring them out of the depression, in the next war he created jobs and boosted the economy.

    Now, I don't think that Hitler could take over Germany in this age. Right now Germany is really liberal and not going through a depression.
  7. Saucepan

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    Even without Hitler in Germany in 1933, there was still Stalin in Russia, Mussolini in Italy and a increasingly militaristic Japan. The Treaty of Versailles put a great deal of pressure on Germany, and there would of still been those who held similar views to Hitler in Germany at the time, however maybe not anyone quite as charismatic.

    Chances are that a Second World War would still have taken place, however it's impact would be impossible to judge accurately, still it has the potential for some interesting fiction.
  8. leomay

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    things happen as it should happen ....
    if there no hitler there will be xiltler..
    that is .
    god control everything.
  9. SebNoker

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    Yes, they where so down at the time anyone capable of showing them hope had a good chance, now and after the war it changed acourse...
  10. pro2A

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    I think the Euro-socialists now are doing a pretty good job of it now :lol:

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