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Xbox 360 Would-be Xbox 360 scalpers are robbed


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boomerang effect, do something good/bad and it comes back to you eventually.

IMO, scalping is bad.

there's a band called Cold Play and they're pretty well known. well they were going to play a show in San Francisco and some scalpers bought all the tickets online within 10 minutes and started selling tickets on ebay that went upwards to $800+ when retail price was around $40.

2 of my friends were looking forward to the show and cried/were bummed out when they heard what the scalpers did. so they camped out at the venue 10 or so hours before the show and were the first in line [ w/no tickets ]. one of the band members saw them [ they had a sign stating what happened to them ] and the band member put them on the guest list, they also made it to the front of the stage. it was in the local news.


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That is what happens when people try to make some money on an extremely hot item. Everyone else seems to want one.


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Wait, I'm confused.... the article is about the Cold Play band ticket scalping or the xbox 360 robbery?

*reads over article again*

I think perhaps the scariest thing about this is that one of the guys in line had a gun on him and brought it to the line with a bunch of people around trying to get an expensive item. The only time I'd consider something like that is when my safety is in danger and nothing else.


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I love reality, it's always better than those dumb lies about the bad guys always winning in real life...

But wait, according to the article, they were selling 2 for $600... if they were $399, wouldn't 2 for $600 be a good deal? I'm thinking they meant to say $600 each. But either way, they were just asking to get robbed. Why not just go to a crowded street yelling "I won the lottery! The winning ticket's right here!" then walk into a dark alley?