Would Anyone Like To Play A F2P MMO With Me?


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I'm bored as hell. Thus being said, I have been bored as hell for a week since I moved to this new town. I bought LOTRO and I honestly hate it. So I'm gonna jump on some Free To Play (F2P) MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and have some fun. I know of a couple that are really fun despite what people may say about F2P games. Or if you see one you would like to try, we can shoot for it!

Here are some sites with LOTS of F2P games.

ijji - Where Gamers Unite!
-I have played Gunz from this site and it ROCKS.
It's like playing Tomb Raider online. =D But they
have many more games as well.

gPotato: The Free to Play MMORPG Portal | Free PC Online Games
- I recently tried Rappelz and it was very fun!
They also have many more games.

Never played any of these games but Atlantica
Online is supposed to be the absolute best.

Free Online MMORPG and MMO Games List - MMO Hut
A huge list.