worth trying to sell?


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La de da... I can post level 3 finally LOL

Ok here's the story. In 2000, I was at the tower of london in well, London duh.

I have a thing for gargoyles and was trying to take a pic of the gargoyles on the building late in the evening before the sun went down. The sun was on the other side of the building, so this was not a glare on the lense.

When we got back to the house, we were looking through the pics, and this was in there! (attached).

With some further research, I found out that the Tower of London is the most haunted place in England. Someone told me that it was an orb, and a good one. The photo has NOT been retouched. In fact, it was so bizarre, I kept it on the media card on my camera for a year, then the card went bad, but I still have it even!

I can also add to the story that when we went into the chapel where they buried the bodies of "political heads" (har) that had their heads chopped off, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.

Also, I've had paranormal events around me my entire life and lived in a haunted house (up until my divorce.. ex got that :p).

So anyway, does anyone think this is worth attempting to sell prints of? I just thought it was cool, and might be neat for ghost hunters/collectors to have.



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enthusiests would love something like that if they don't have pics already... Castles are a huge hobby to some of those ghost buster people... I would give it a try but make a copy for yourself and maybe only sell the original that was made...


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you guys are great!! Thanks so much :) I've been working real hard lately to find things I ALREADY OWN that I can make some $$ off of. Divorce SUCKS. lol

Anyway, so do you think I should sell just like one 8x10? Or should I sell prints to whomever would want one?

I would also be willing to sell the rights to the photo, but that would be a lot more. I think there might be some sort of paranormal magazine that might be interested in running it.

Now you all have me excited!



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Thanks for the advice. I'm kinda leaning toward one pic too.

I forgot that about the window. It was dusk, the sun was setting (on the other side of the building.. I'll have to look up the name of it, it's the building where they hold the crown jewels), BUT, I never remembered that light being on. And look at the light over the clock. Where is it coming from? it wasn't from the sun, it was gone!

here's my only other problem, the pic is a lower resolution.. it was the first time I'd used the camera, so I didn't know I was on a lower res. So I imagine a 5x7 is the biggest I'm going to be able to go. I kick myself over that!!

In the orignal picture, whateve is in the window has a sharp squared off edge to it. I don't think it's a figure.


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Even with the picture being kind of small there does seem to be some sort of figure present in the window...

I would try just the original print to be sold...