Worst thing about flying


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Share your expierences :)

First, I hate when the plane is just about to land, doesn't matter where I sit, my head gets kind of tense, and I get all these pains in my head and I just feel its huge and ready to pop, all that pain makes me sleep, I guess that's a good thing?

I hate small planes, especially those Serbian ones, and there's only two toilets and like 200 people need to go to the toilet at the same time, you spend a hour waiting in the line and you are very NEXT one and they call over the speaker "Please take a seat, we are going through a mild turbulence!"

Food is next, it all smells the same and has no taste AT ALL!


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I generally like flying but there are some things that don't agree with me.
Firstly the food which Aleks mentioned. It just smells and tastes disgusting. I just take my own stuff to eat if I have time.
Another thing I don't like about flying is the toilet situation. They are small and cramped and usually just not of a good standard. Also I hate the fact that on long flights your legs get really sore because you've had them cramped up in the small seats that you get. Generally though everything else is fine :D


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No leg room! That, and sitting for hours upon hours is horrible for me. My butt gets so sore.Luckily American Airlines revamped their entertainment system. Time goes by a lot faster now.

I hate cramped areas, especially for legs and waiting on the runway/taxiing.


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The worst thing about flying is turbulence. It scares the heck out me when the plane suddenly starts shaking.

The next thing I would have to say is not enough leg room and your ass going number because the seats are uncomfortable. Speaking of seats, I hate when I child is sitting behind you and they can't sit still and they are kicking your seat.


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Long flights. Sitting on a plane for 18 hours straight is not something I enjoy. Especially when coupled with my legs not reaching the ground, so they kind of dangle in mid air and my thighs get really sore. I'm really not looking forward to my flight over to England...Although this time it shouldn't be as bad as the last as I have a stop in Sydney and Bangkok to break to monotony.

I don't find the plane food too bad. I guess it varies depending on what airline you fly with.

And without being mean, sitting next to rather large or smelly people make flights that little worse. Or someone who snores. :shifteyes:


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I don't get worried about flying or anything like that so the worst thing for me is the leg room most of the time, I hate it.


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I love flying but I do dislike some things about it.

Wait time
Hassle of baggage and security checks
Cost (more expensive)
Food schedule (in trains I can go buy at the bar and eat whenever I like)
Need more space for walking/stretching legs
A bit "stuck" when they start rolling their carts; you can't walk the aisle anymore
People in front of you reclining their seat to the max
People behind you restless with their legs and they bump your seat often
When traveling with a baby, even if the baby is sleeping comfortably in the cot, as soon as the seatbelt sign is on (minor turbulence) I have to pick up the baby and carry her (which eventually wakes her up)
Not enough space to put small bags closer to myself. When traveling with a baby there are some things you need have handy. But I have to put them up (and it's hard for someone with my height) during take off, and then pick them again later when I'm allowed. I end up asking help from a flight attendant since I can't put leave the baby, and I don't really feel comfortably bugging an attendant just to get my purse.


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The thing I look forward to is WAIT on the airports, especially after a long journey, it gives me time to walk around a bit, stretch my legs out and take a bit of a missed out sleep.


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The thing I look forward to is WAIT on the airports, especially after a long journey, it gives me time to walk around a bit, stretch my legs out and take a bit of a missed out sleep.
It's not that bad unless you have three young kids getting restless and bored during the wait time. :lol:


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My least favorite part about flying is definitely all the waiting around at the airports. Waiting to check your bags. Waiting to go through security. Waiting to board. Waiting at the baggage claim. I don't mind being on the plane. Yeah, there's hardly any leg room and the food sucks, but I just listen to my ipod or play Gameboy and the flight is over in no time.