Worst speeding ticket?


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What's the worst speeding ticket you've ever received?

If there is a good story that goes along with your ticket then you have to share that as well. ;)

I've never had a speeding ticket. I've been pulled over several times but have been lucky so far and have just been warned.

I don't speed anymore really anyway. Haven't felt the need since my highschool days.


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I've never gotten a speeding ticket, and actually I've never even been pulled over before. I guess I've been lucky. I used to drive crazy fast when I was in high school.

Last summer I was driving back to Chicago from Baltimore, and in Pennsylvania I was doing about 82 in a 65 when I noticed a cop hidden off to the right of the highway. By the time I saw him it was way too late to slow down before I passed him. The cop pulled out immediately. Luckily there was a car in the left lane going even faster than I was and the cop pulled him over instead of me.


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Oh my! I have had too many to count!

My worst TWO were exactly one week apart. Both were 85 in a 55 and on the same highway, but luckily, different cops. One said, "Mam, I've been following you for five minutes and you didn't even see me." OOPS!


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I got a speeding ticket in MD going south on I-270 once. The speed limit was 55, and it was raining. I was a hair under 70... flow of traffic. Well a MSP crusier pulled up from an onramp, whipped over to the far left lane and I proceeded to move more right. I was still going the flow of traffic. He was in my blid spot for about a minute before he whipped out behind me and lit me up... $75 Dollar ticket :(

Then once here in PA I got stopped by a state trooper for crossing the yellow line coming around a bend. It was late at night I was headed off to see my GF at the time. He came up with a flashlight in my face after the licence and registration part he asked if I had been drinking. I said no... he asked me to step out for a moment. Once he confirmed I wasn't drunk and my licence and registration were good he let me off and said please mind the yellow line and stay on the right side of the road.

Other then that I know where the cops sit in this area. On the interstate I always slow down at the bridges and any obstructions in the median. Its a good rule of thumb. Most of the PSP don't care here as long as your not being stupid. In MD they'll get you for anything.


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I've never been written up, but I rarely go five miles over the limit when I'm driving.
I've been pulled over for speeding but never ticketed.

I get tickets for stupid things like going through red lights.

I was driving home from the store, two arguing kids in the backseat and wanting nothing more than to commit myself to the looney bin.
I was a wee ways from the light when it turned yellow, and somehow my foot hit the gas instead of the brakes. (honest mistake)
As I turned down my street, my house and sanctuary in sight, I see flashing lights in my mirror.
-As if being pulled over isn't bad enough, I have to have it happen in front of my neighbors.-
The cop explains the rules of driving for what seems like hours, hands me my ticket and goes on his merry way. I, on the other hand am left with a hefty fine, and the jerk didn't even offer to lock my screaming brats up.
Being me, I decide to try and fight it, so I go to court on the designated date, ready to schmooze the judge.
Before my name is called, Mr. Ticket Happy taps my shoulder and says "come with me" So I follow him to a little room where he asks if I'm sure I want to go before the judge. I say with false bravado "of course, I'm sure the light was still green".
He proceeds to turn on a mini TV where the show of the day was "Denise the Dork" and I watch a shot of what is obviously his dash camera as it records traffic going by.
Mr. Uniform points to the screen and says "here's the light turning red"...seconds tick by..."annnnnd there's you"
I paid the fine and went home.:-/
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"Denise the Dork" lmao

i haven't gotten a speeding ticket in something like 14 years. *knock wood*

i never drive the speed limit on the freeway, i'm usually 5 or 10 under.