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Worst Roommates You've Ever Lived With?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Check out our horrible roommates article recently published on PopMalt: 20 Horrible Roommates We've All Lived With

Have you ever had any of these as your roommates? Who were some of the worst roommates you've ever lived with? If not your own experiences, have you heard horror stories from your friends?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Don't have time to read the article, but I had someone renting a room for me and he was a disaster. He never cleaned up after himself, it was truly disgusting and annoying. He was a huge gamer and I would hear him scream in anger at 3 in the morning while he was playing video games. My friends didn't want to come over to watch sports because of him. And at times, he was late with his payments.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
@Unity was by far the worst roommate of all the times!

Jk of course haha

The only bad one I had was my freshman year in college and he wasn't THAT bad...just didn't do anything hardly. Slept, ate and worked out. He was bit of a weirdo.


Registered Member
I used to have a roommate who's two dogs went to the bathroom anywhere, which was especially irritating to me because I stepped in dog manure more than once.