Worst officiating


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Which sport do you believe has the worst officiating? You can choose an individual sport like Tennis if you like.

Personally I believe it's the NBA, other then a few refs that know what they're doing all the rest are so inconsistent. Also it's the sport that gives the most special treatment to their star players. It's annoying to watch at times. One of the biggest example I can name is probably traveling, they rarely call now and days.



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Does "Wrestling" count as a sport? 'Cause I think they win for worst officiating... :lol:

Out of actual sports, I think I'd agree with you that Basketball is probably the worst.


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I don't watch the NBA enough, but from what I know I think I'd have to agree with Biz. Traveling has disappeared, and fouls are often messed up or subjectively called. Plus there was the one gambling on the games he was officiating...yeah, classy.

Great topic, though, BR! It'll be interesting to hear about people's ideas on this. I'd especially like to hear from big fans of soccer/football, b/c I watch it basically never.


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Basketball, and more specifically the NBA, has by far the worst officiating of any sport. Not only is it a very difficult sport to officiate, but it just seems so inconsistent from game to game. And then there's the fact that NBA refs give preferential treatment to star players and big market teams like the Lakers.

Football can be pretty bad with pass interference and roughing the quarterback penalties, but I still think basketball is hands down the worst.


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I agree the NBA officiating is by far the worst, from not calling certain calls, not calling traveling, and the inconsistency depending on the player. It has at times made me just shut the TV off because of how bad it is.


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You hit on the nail Echoes, it's very inconsistent. If your last name is James, Bryant, Pierce ect(major stars) you won't get called for a foul often, but if your nobody or a rookie then you'll end up with the foul. I hate it when you see players take three steps for a lay up or a dunk, it's clearly obvious that they take the extra step. It's beyond me how they don't call it, especially that there's three refs on the court.

I guess instead of starting a new topic, which sport do you believe has the best officiating?