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What do you think is the worst death in a movie? I'm not talking about, like something shocking or sad, I mean lousy and stupid. Like if a character dies from tripping on marbles of doom and falling out the window and then they act like "Noooooooo".
I don't know if this will count, but I'll include it anyways.

In Final Destination 2 we had to read that the main male character from the first film died from a falling brick. Dot. Dot. Dot. Seriously? I understand that the guy didn't want to return for the second film, but still... Come on, show us something instead of just telling us about it.

If that counts, that'll be mine. ^_^


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In the movie Midnight Express a guy died when he was pushed backwards and his head was impaled on a wooden coat peg that had like a two-inch ball on the end of it.

The film was based on an actual story of an American jailed in Turkey for smuggling hashish, but was roundly lambasted for taking enormous liberties with the truth. I later read that no such death had happened in real life.

Oh, and the lamest, most hackneyed line I ever heard in a cinematic death scene occurred in a Charles Bronson stinker called St. Ives. Two stereotypical NYC detectives are called to a laundromat where a disturbance has been reported. When the second one arrives, the first nonchalantly says, "Get da meat wagon. Dey's a stiff back dere in da dryah."

Hell, even Ed Wood wrote better dialogue than that! It marked the only time in my life that I ever walked out on a film.
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I'm gonna have to say it was Bill in Kill Bill 2. All that chasing, slicing, hacking and carnage she did to get to him and it ends within the space of 2 mins with that martial arts move that makes your heart explode.
I'm sorry if you all liked it but I was extremely disappointed.
Yes the films were good but Bill's death should have been sooo much better x


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I thought the Final Destination death was funny. Made sense to me, too. Dude's been evading death for how long? He slipped up. But I agree, seeing it would have been better.

I'm going to go with almost every death in X3. They just turned into balls of themselves then returned to their base elements and disbursed into the air. Bull shit scenario and the graphics for that weren't any good, either.

Either that, or most deaths in almost every zombie movie ever made.


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Resident Evil Apocolypse *spits on it*, Nemisis getting squished by that helicopter. I was not impressed.


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I think it was either in Saw 2 or 3, but the part where the woman was frozen to death. That sucked, could have been more dramatic. :rolleyes: