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Worst job you've ever had?


rainbow 11!
After reading CO's post, I'd like to add that I kind of miss arby's. I miss the people more than the job, though. I just reflect on some of the fun times we had there. The jokes, the water fights, and everything like that. The managers were fantastic except for the GM.


Creeping On You
I'd have to say that the worst job I've ever had was when I worked at DeFehr furniture. They had buzzers for the breaks, someone constantly looking over your shoulder. Also they fired me after working there two months because I missed work because of tendonitis in my arms from upholstering and stapling and pulling the leather. I didn't get a doctors note since I figured my arms were just sore so I took a couple days off, and since I was still on probation, and they're so strict, I got let go.

Oh well, I couldn't stand the rigid schedule. At my job now, our 15min coffee breaks sometimes stretch to 45 min haha. and our half hour lunch stretches to an hour regularly. Our boss doesn't care too much since we always keep up with our work.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Caddying at the country club here. Some of the members were total dicks, and it kind of sucks carrying around some rich guy's bag for five hours on a hot day. Some of them tipped really well, others were cheap bastards.


Problematic Shitlord
Debt Collecting.

I worked on American Express accounts and holy shit was that place awful. It was a shark tank first of all, people would steal accounts from one another and such. The people you had to deal with were almost always complete and total assholes. Some of them were understandable, such as the small business owners who went under and had no more means of paying off the account. Then we had your typical owns five cars and refuses to make the minimum payment self-entitled pricks who made the job even worse.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
The worst job I've ever had is cleaning hot tubs for a lake rental company. The renters looked down on me constantly, the boss was disrespectful, and I had to do the job throughout a Garrett County winter. It was a miserable experience and I'll never do it again.


It's not me, it's you.
I worked the complaint department of a major retailer. You would be surprised at how awful people can be about a $10 sweater. It was completely insane. I was always exhausted, upset and angry when I got home every day. I worked that job for a year so I could then get another job within the company. I only did that to get my foot in the door.