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Worst job you've ever had?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What's the worst day-to-day, dealing with people, employees/co-workers job you ever had? A truly soul-sucking experience that took years off your life.


Sally Twit
I was an 'Office Junior' at the age of 19 and I was constantly patronised. On my first day I was given the only key to the stationery cupboard and was told that I was responsible for handing out pens/notepads, etc. However, if someone approached me for something, I'd have to ask why they needed it. I can't believe how stupid the whole thing was.
I also had to hand out reports to the sales floor, change the toner in the printers, log in to the phones if there were calls waiting, etc. I hated it.


Registered Member
Sears was pretty terrible in a lot of ways. Management was terrible, corporate was terrible, I had to stay on my feet (usually within a very small area) all day long, and earned minimum wage.


I once worked for a dodgy web-design company owned by a man who was money-laundering. Myself and one other employee worked together in this old house which was half being renovated. The door wasn't even attached the the toilet. We had to lift it up and lean it against the frame while we used it.

There was also angry people always coming to our door looking for our boss, saying he owed them money, but we hardly ever saw him. He also used to pit us against each other. Sometimes paying one person more than the other, even if we both did the same amount of work. Half the time we didn't even know what the work we were supposed to be doing was.


I ♥ Haters
When I used to work at Wal-Mart as a high schooler. Jesus H, hands down, the worst 3 summers of my life. I worked at the White Rock suburb store, which was literally crawling with cranky, old people who would smell like prune juice and yell and curse if something they wanted wasn't in stock... like somehow a minimum wage stockgirl was intentionally hiding laxatives and denture cream just to annoy them.

Nothing really good came from that job for me... it just made me hate old people. Haha.


I don't think I've ever had a soul-crushing job. Looking back, I've liked all my old jobs and even miss some. I guess the worst one was being a night porter at Burger King. It was pretty gross, but I actually have a lot of fun memories from that place. Haha.


I am the woolrus
From the ages 14-20 I had a bunch of crappy jobs, which got increasingly worse every time.

When I was 14 I worked for the council for the summer, going around in a hi-vis vest and a grabby stick thing picking up litter. No this was not community service, but it sure felt like it! Still, even the crappy income I was getting seemed like the bees knees when I was 14 so happy days.

After that I worked in one of those "Everything for €2 shops" that sold sweets, toys, toiletries, household stuff... Pretty much everything, but at extremely poor quality. That place was hell. i stuck it out for a good few years though, usually wokring just for the summer. After I finished school though, I took a year out before going to college and worked full time 35-40 hours a week there. The good part was I was 17, so working those hours and not paying tax was KA-CHING! The bad part was it was completely soul destroying. I pretty much drank the year way and amazingly didn't get fired even after turning up to work drunk on multiple different occasions.

My last terrible job though was the local chippy. Again, this was just for the summer, but I finished a few weeks before the end of the summer as I just couldn't hack it any more. Firstly, an example of the hours I worked were a Saturday 11am-7pm, then go home for 4 hours, come back in and work 11pm-4.30am. Besides that, the work was just.... the worst thing ever. There's a bunch of chippies in town, but this was where all the drunkest of the drunks would congregate at the end of the night. Never again.

Still! I love my job now so it was all worth it in the end!


rainbow 11!
Definitely Arbys. Three years of hell that I can never get back. But then again, I've only had three jobs and two of them I am currently working. I tend to get a job and keep it for a long time. It looks more appealing when applying for work. employers like a good turn over rate.


still nobody's bitch
I was a hotel maid for 2 weeks. It was backbreaking work and I was soft. I was only 18


Son of Liberty
I never had a job I completely hated. I bussed tables at my uncle's restaurant all through high school. In college I delivered pizza and worked retail at JC Penney's and Dillards. Those weren't great jobs but overall I enjoyed them and miss them to some extent.