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Worst job interview experience?


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So I'm sure everybody here (or at least most) has has been interviewed for a job at some time in their life. What was your worst job interview?

I think it's safe to say my worst interview was a phone interview I had once. The interview was set to take place at 8:00am via phone. This was on a day that I didn't need to get up early so I decided I would just set my alarm for 7:55am. Well the alarm volume was turned down (probably from the day before) and instead I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I spent the first few minutes of the interview waking up and asking the interviewee to repeat simple questions. Then right about then I got the "Well we have your number. We'll call you if we want to talk further." And that was that.


The only other interview I had that I'd classify under "bad interviews" would be one that ended up being one of the most annoying interviews I've ever had. I drove an hour to get to this place only to find out 1 minute into the interview that they had already hired somebody the day before and had failed to mention that I wouldn't need to come in for the interview.....

Yes, you read that right.. ".............."

I was very annoyed by this poor display of professionalism. Very annoyed indeed. Too bad as the potential employee, you can't just call the next day and say "Hey is there something you need to tell me?" :lol:

So, please share your worst! :D


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I was at one interview where the interviewer had asked about why I had left a certain company. I replied that they were going out of business. He then asked with some skepticism in his voice, "Couldn't they have transferred to somewhere else, like even the home office?"



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First I will say please try to ignore the crudeness of some of this but without a feel of exactly what was said it just isn't the same.

So I called a number in the help wanted section for retail sales, guy answered phone set up a time for a interview and to fill out application for the next day, he then gave me directions, I wrote them real quick didn't pay much attention. Next day I get ready and head out to the interview as I near where I am going I then notice where I was going, a porn store. I figure I drove all the way had the guy set aside time for me so the least I could do was fullfill my commitment. So I go inside ask for the guy by name he tells me to come on behind counter and go to office, we go in and he says "you look a little shocked, didn't know this was for here?" I played it off said "No it is fine." He hands me application says here I'll be back, he comes back in we go over different rules, standard bs questions, hours you would have to work, then the funniest or more weird statements to hear in a interview, "back in the back where the video booths are has to be mopped throughout day and at close of business, and I will warn some of the guys that go back there cum a damn quart jar on the floor so it gets kind of messy just thought I would let you know ahead of time." That has to be the worst or weirdest interview I have ever been on.


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I guess I've been fairly lucky in my interviews- I don't think I've actually had a bad one. I mean, I don't like remembering the interviews I had where I didn't get the job, but that's normal.

The only interview that's ever irritated me was when I worked at Wendy's. The manager that interviewed me promised me that I wouldn't have to clean the dining room since the stairs would be difficult for me since I have metal rods in my leg. What happens the first day on the job? They want me to clean the dining room.

Needless to say, that job didn't last long, albeit for different reasons.