Worst Job I Ever Had


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For me, it was the six months I spent doing land titles in the smokey basement of this ancient building. Everyone in the department smoked like a chimney, except me, and we were tucked away in this corner that was like a crypt. Land title documents are the same, over and over and over, but they had this ancient word processing system that wasn't very good, so you had to input the same stuff again and again and again. All this and a crappy salary too. I left as soon as I decently could to what I thought would be a workplace I thought I'd be a "lifer" at ... but the saga continues.

The only good thing about it was some of the women who worked there were in their 50's with these gravelly smokers voices and they'd invite all us young ones over to their houses on a Saturday night to play cards and drink scotch.


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I worked as a telemarketer once... Grr.. if you think it's bad when they call, try being on the other end. Having to make so many sales per hour from people who just want to be left alone.

Needless to say, it was good times. :D


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I got stuck being a helper building houses, and it was horrible. I was stuck cleaning and getting tools when I knew how to build myself, so it ended fairly quickly.


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Worst job? Well that'd have to be working in a fast food restraunt. Hated it. Granted you seen alot of hot chicks, and well i did work with a buncha girls also, but i'll never go back to handing out orders to people, and seeing how stuff is made in there, for that i'll never eat there again.


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Goes with my fav job. The coorporate travel agent gig. I was in charge of 15 agents and just little ol me was in charge of checking their work, putting all the group travel packages together (sometimes the groups would be in the thousands). Doing paperwork up the ....well you know....all the supply ordering etc etc etc. When I quit they hired 3 people to do what I was attempting to do alone. (one was in training before I left) Oh and then I find out that the 2 people who had the job before me were making way more an hour than I was doing it alone!
I agree with Alby - working in a fast food restaurant is the worst....
Making burgers all day long......so boring


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For me, it was the six months I spent doing land titles in the smokey basement of this ancient building.
My worst job was at a hot and smelly factory that made clothing. There was no air conditioning and they pushed us very hard. Nope, didn't like that at all! My back was always so sore by the end of the day and I dreaded getting up in the morning. :shake:
My worst job was the week I spent as a phone psychic. I felt so damned guilty about taking money from vulnerable people that I finally quit. If they think some unseen psychic can give them wisdom about their lives, they've got enough problems without me scamming them out of their money.


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That reminds me of one of the jobs I had once Calypso... I worked for a company that took incoming phone calls from those late night infomercials you see on TV.

After a few sales of "Miracle Water" to people I decided the job was ridiculous and I quit within a week of working there. The job was supposed to be tech support but somehow they talked me into going to a different department that was definitely not what I wanted to do for a living. The things people actually pay money for sometimes amaze me...
I had to work as a maid in a small (nine room) local inn. It wasn't too bad, except that there were usually honeymooners there who...er...tended to leave their marks on the beds. Also, cleaning the bathrooms was always the worst! My boss insisted that not one hair could be there when we were done, and that was tough.