Worst Identity Concealing Superheros

I don't think it should count in cases where the super identity is their only identity. |:

What other identity does beast boy have?


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Thats something I was taking into account also. Because if we're going off sheer recognize-ablility you'd think Namor would be the absolute worst.

His costume is pointy ears, pony tail, and a banana hammock speedo!

But he doesnt have any "Citizen" ego that I am aware of. He's straight up Marvels First Mutant!


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I don't think it should count in cases where the super identity is their only identity. |:

What other identity does beast boy have?
Exactly. Most of the characters mentioned in this thread don't even have and have never used a secret identity. Beast Boy's real identity as Garfield Logan has been public knowledge ever since his Doom Patrol days. Starfire has never had a secret identity as it was public knowledge from Day One she's an alien princess. Sam thing goes for Cyborg. It's public knowledge he's Victor Stone.

As for characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman, this isn't The Silver Age anymore where whole issues revolved around superheroes trying to keep their secret identities secret. Most of the supporting cast in Superman's comic don't even think he has a secret identity since he doesn't wear a mask and therefore he's got nothing to hide.

There's even a classic John Byrne story where Lex Luthor figures out that Superman is Clark Kent but immediately rejects it since he doesn't believe that anybody with all that power would deliberately create an alternate identity where he couldn't use that power.


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So seriously, which comic superheros have the worst costumes when it comes to concealing their identity?

I'm going to go with Superman. I mean, he takes off his glasses and greases up his hair. How could somebody who knows Clark Kent NOT recognize him as Superman if they saw him?
I always ask the same thing when I watch the Superman movies. :nod:
As soon as I saw the topic title I knew my vote would be for Superman.

*Clark takes off glasses*
People: Where DID Clark go? Hey, look, it's Superman!
*Superman flexes muscles*
People: Ooooooh. Awwww...
*Superman puts glasses back on*
People: Hey, Clark is back! Clark, you just missed Superman.
Clark: ORLY? LOL

See what I mean?


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Anyone ever see the Conan O'Brien sketch from Saturday Night Live?? That's the worse one.

Every time someone would mention his name, Moleculo, he had the compulsion to yell "The MOLECULAR MAN!!!" whether he was in costume or not. Hilarious sketch.


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I agree that Superman has one of the worst disguises. However, as DLFerguson stated, Christopher Reeve did a nice job of trying to make the two roles complete opposites. The scene refered to was after the night flight in the first movie. Lois has her head in clouds and goes into one of the rooms. Reeve takes the glasses off and he straightens up, his mannerisms change and as soon as he puts the glasses back on, he acts like a complete dork again. I believe there is a scene in the Richard Donnor cut of Superman 2 where Clark is at the Daily Planet and Lois takes a picture of Superman and colors in glasses, a hat, and clothes using a black marker/pen. Dean Cain, though a good actor, didn't do much to distinguish his Clark from his Superman.


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Superman - All he does is put on glasses and disappears when anything bad happens.

Spiderman - I'm referring to the new movies here, but he's been seen with his mask off a ton of times. He's also disappearing when bad shit goes down. Once I remember him running down the street ripping his clothes off and revealing the Spiderman suit.


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At least with the Batman movies (specifically, the Keaton and Bale versions) the suit is sculpted to have muscles and body armor. Except for the lower half of the face, the body doesn't resemble Bruce Wayne.

The old Wonder Woman show didn't do much to hide Diana's identity. Other than going from conservative work clothes to a really hot outfit.


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i think that the worst might very possibly be green lantern, but superman is also pretty bad, seriously, both of them just show their faces, that's not in any way concealing your identity to just show your face.