Worst Identity Concealing Superheros


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So seriously, which comic superheros have the worst costumes when it comes to concealing their identity?

I'm going to go with Superman. I mean, he takes off his glasses and greases up his hair. How could somebody who knows Clark Kent NOT recognize him as Superman if they saw him?

Batman and anybody who wears a partial mask is up there. At least in the new movies Batman uses a different voice when he's Batman to help disguise his identity more...

Some of the older movies though... *SIGH* How could anybody not recognize somebody they know well if he sounds exactly the same?

The Spiderman movies kind of left Spiderman in this same boat. He sounds like Toby McGuire ALL the time. How dumb would Mary Jane have to be to not recognize the voice of somebody she grew up with?

But for me Superman takes the cake hands down.

As for X-Men characters, at least they aren't trying to conceal their identities. That's partly why I really like the storyline behind X-Men. It's more realistic assuming mutants actually existed. Hiding some of those identities would have just been cheesy.


Son of Liberty
I think when it comes to the heroes/villains like Spiderman who wear the full mask but dont change their voices what so ever, they are relying on the human nature to doubt.

If say I were to know Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne all my life and then one day meet their crime fighting alter ego's. I'd definitely recognize an unmasked voice. I'd probably even recognize the overall figure of their masked faces. But there would be that doubt in my head.. "Peter? No way, he doesnt have the backbone to be spiderman?" "Bruce? haha whatever, all that money he makes why would he fight crime?"

But like you mentioned, Superman... he takes the cake. No mask, No voice concealing, Just takes the glasses off and flips that twist of hair over his forehead. How on earth could anyone doubt a whole face? hahahaha. I just cant imagine someone saying "Clark? oh yeah he just Looks alot like Superman, Same build, face, voice. He's just the perfect stunt double!"
That, or they don't want their face smashed in for revealing info that a veritable god wants to be a secret.


Ms. Malone
Yeah i think superman is the worst.

Bad guy: I have you now Superman! *evil laugh*
Superman: Oh no you don't! *Puts glasses on while the guy's back is turned*
Bad Guy: Who the fuck are you and where's Superman?


I'm not much of a comic junky so i don't know many with weird costumes or anything but two have sprung to mind. Robin, though technically he is a side kick, only covers his fricken eyes! And Wonder Woman. I think that's self explanitory.