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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    There's been a lot of bad hits in NHL history. But in the last few years there's been 3 severe case of a dirty hit. So I was wondering which hit do you think is the dirtiest one.

    Todd Bertuzzi on Steve Moore
    Chris Simon on Ryan Holleweg
    Marty McSorley on Donald Brashear
    Kyle Mclaren on Richard Zednick

    Here are the videos of the hits


    This can be a really interesting message if we make it. So come on guys let's discuss. And don't add a hit that's the hits I want to discuss about. Please check every video even if you saw them already.

  2. Forbidden v2

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    Sorry, but I have to add one, then I will answer the question from the 4 you gave. In my opinion, Claude Lemieux's hit on Kris Draper was the worst of all time. He crunched his head into the boards and put all of his weight into it. Draper suffered:

    Broken jaw, Broken nose, Broken eye socket, pushed Drapers right eye into the nasal cavity causing a blockage through the airway for where he breathes from his nose, a handful of broken teeth, his face was pretty much hanging by a thread he had 2-4 plastic surgeries, 16 stiches inside his mouth, and a concussion.

    This also started the Colorado/Detroit rivalry.


    Out of these hits I still think Bertuzzi's is worst, they are obviously all bad but just the way he went after him made it the worst IMO. Both of the stick swinging incidents were bad, the McLaren/Zednik was probably the least bad out of all of them but still a bad cheapshot.
  3. andrew_bishop

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    Well basically we can not go without saying that each of the hits damaged the game in ways that will be forever known. It's a sad day when two players need to resort to this kind of stuff to settle issues in the sweet game of hockey. We can manage to put personal rivals aside when it comes to the gain of ourselves and our team but we can not put aside the well being of the game itself or we will break the very game that guys like Gretzky and Howe and Orr made during the early days of the "new era".

    Anyways back to the topic at hand , While all the hits stand out in my mind I think that the Bertuzzi hit will always be the worst one and why well this was the only one of these cases where the guy literally was basically paralized. He might not have fully been but he was close and he is lucky to be alive. The attack was a deliberate attempt to kill really and it should have been delt with more hastly. I mean this was just out of nowhere and at the time even Naslund had come to terms with the hit on him a few weeks before so why did he do this? Basically because he didn't care who he harmed and he was basically acting as a hitman at the time.
  4. Forbidden v2

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    Well I always say that there could have been a lot of possibilities that could have stopped the Bertuzzi event from happening...

    1. Moore loses the fight earlier in the game against Cooke so revenge is had
    2. Worrell (the Avs enforcer) was out there to protect Moore instead of being benched.
    3. They don't put Moore out on the ice anymore when they know the other team is after them.
    4. Moore fights Bertuzzi instead of ignoring him even though he would get slaughtered.
    5. Score wasnt 9-2 Colorado or another blowout of this type

    Any of these things would have probably stopped this event, but it still happened, and is the worst cheap shot of all time IMO.
  5. andrew_bishop

    andrew_bishop #1 Spammer of FC

    Well I guess with any events there are things that will happen as a result and this is no different. If we had to see Worrel on the ice then maybe he would have taken a cheap shot at a Canuck player , If Moore had to be benched the Avs would have a gap to fill in the lineup and its just as well to face the music at the time. I mean your not going to let a rival team away with this and just basically admit to the entire hockey world that your to scared to have your guy on the ice. Did we know this would happen hell no and I guess if we had any indication then we would have not put Moore out that night. Basically something was going to happen and really we might have gotten off lucky. Some players could have started a bench brawl that could have escelated into an all out arena brawl which would scar the game of hockey. I guess we have to say that with those events happening there were results from them as well and we can't say that things would be differnet or better because we do not know that for sure.
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    I don't agree with you guys one bit. The Bertuzzi hit was bad, but it became worst when every player from each team jumped in the pile to protect their teamates. Is neck didn't break when he fell to the ice is neck broke when everyone jumped on him. And if Steve Moore had any guts and fought Todd for hitting Naslund then other game this whole ordeal could have been avoided.

    The worst as to be the Chris Simon stick to the throat of Ryan Hollweg. He actually intented to hurt Ryan, and if Simon would of struck him 3 inches lower it could of been a way worst situation then it was. He could of died. Chris Simon had the chance to think about is action after he got up, and he made up is mind and decided to cause pain to Ryan.
  7. andrew_bishop

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    Well I think all the hits could have and should have been avoided. I feel that the Bertuzzi hit was one that could have easily been prevented. I think that the inital blow was the one that escalated into the whole thing and thats how the injury occured and really you might say that it was not Bertuzzi's fault as a result of this but if he never had to do it then the rest of the guys would not have jumped basically onto Moore and 'caused the whole thing.

    Simon for sure had a chance to not do what he did but I think in the heat of the moment and with the concussion that was already placed on his shoulds that he didn't think and just acted. Now in no way am I condoling what he did because it was more wrong than anything but I guess we can say that Simon did have a little reason to be mad but not to do what he did. It was an attempt to injure severly and it could have been a lot worse than it was.
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    Your right the Bertuzzi hit could've been avoided. Even more if Steve Moore would have accepted Bertuzzi's challenge. Even if you know your going to get your ass kick you don't run away from a fight. You want to take a shot at the leader of the other team then you have to live up at the consenquences of your actions next time you face the same team. I am not saying that Tood Bertuzzi was right because he wasn't. He should of handled it another way, but if Moore wouldn't of ran away and dropped the gloves he wouldn't of been in the situation that he is right now.

    Chris Simon did suffer a concussion when he got hit, but that's no excuse for using your stick as weapon to get revenge on the player that hit you. Drop the gloves next time and handle the situation with your fist instead of using a weapon, and almost killing someone.
  9. andrew_bishop

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    Well really Moore like all players should have made it clear to himself that something bad is going to happen to me if I don't stand up for myself. All he needed to do was go out there and take a fight with Bertuzzi or whoever on the Canucks and just let things settle down a little. But instead he went out there and just thought to himself that things will be find. Guess what they were not. I mean really he burned himself. Am I condoling what Bertuzzi did? Hell no it was wrong thats a fact but I think Moore could have prevented it.

    The Simon hit for sure should not have happened. Simon was known as a tough guy who fought and settled his problems the way that hockey should be with a good ol toss of the mits and a fight. Instead guess what happened , He went out there and I think in the mix of what happened he thought he was playing baseball. It seemed that way. Now we have guys like Ted Nolan having to defend his players and he knows deep down that there is no denying what he did was horrible and really it should not be condoled. If I was Gary Bettman that guy would be gone for good.
  10. Kazmarov

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    Why are we talking about Moore and Bertuzzi like it's some kind of duel? Duels are inherently cowardly, because the sensible and just thing to do is walk away. Moore got hit on, then his team and the other team joined in. Moore's a victim, no question, Bertuzzi was a coward for smashing him like that, and the teams are guilty for not simply realizing that Moore was down and needed immediant medical attention.

    In a kind of current news thing, check out Tootoo being a douche again:


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