Worst Grounding You've Had or Dished Out?


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To the parents, what was the worst grounding you ever dished out? To those without kids, I'm sure you've been grounded before. What was the worst grounding you ever received?

Parents could answer both questions if they want.

The worst I had was a month of no videogames. Looking back this was a pretty bad month, but the funny thing is I've gone years with no videogames now without any problems. :lol:


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Due to a bad report card I was banned from television for a whole semester, and if the next semester wasn't any better then my television preveliges wouldn't be handed back to be. It was one of the worse 3-4 months I had to go through. I had to listen to the radio or play with BR to keep me entertained. The worse part out of all this was that it happened during winter so playing outside was a lot harder then usual.


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I've never had any punishments where things have been taken from me. I just wasn't allowed out for a certain amount of time.
I've never been grounded before. Or had anything taken away, that I can remember.

I did plenty wrong when I was younger, but I pretty much always got away with it because of a) being sneaky, they rarely found out about my bad side, and b) my parents aren't the punishing type, they rather just tell me they're disappointed with me and let me wallow in my guilt.


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So far the worst grounding my eldest has had is two weeks loss of going out and no phone or internet use, she was mighty angry at those.

The worst I ever received was 3 months of being stuck indoors in the summer, I hated it as all my friends would be out and I was stuck inside, in hindsight I guess I got off lightly punishment wise considering the crime, and it was a crime, I am amazed my parents didnt ground me for a year.


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I think my parents tried to ground me once and it didn't work to be honest. Grounding wasn't a part of my parents discipline. I think I wasn't allowed to go out but I think we all forgot about it like a day later :lol:


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Not being allowed to go out unless it's for school. Two weeks like that and one weekend happened to be a birthday party of a friend. *sniff*

I haven't really grounded my kids yet. They're young. At this point though the most terrible thing I can tell my son is to not play PS3 for an entire day.


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My parents basically didn't ground me. The only one I can remember was being told to sit in front of a closet for a while to think about whatever it was I'd done.

IIRC, my thoughts were something along the lines of "I was right, I can't believe I'm being punished for this"


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My daughter is only 4 and has yet to be grounded / punnished.

I think for me, the absolute worst punishment I received was a bar of Ivory soap shoved in my mouth for 3 minutes for lying to my mom.
...I must admit, that was the last time I ever lied to her. . .EVER!!! LOL