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Worst endings of all time! (SPOILERS)



What game do you believe has the worst ending ever?

I have to go with Armored Core: Nexus. After you beat Nine Breaker (he's the final enemy) billions of fricken fly-bot things come out of no where and are about to destroy the world or something. lol, your last mission is basically to die. They come at you in swarms and you have 3 options; stand there and die, try to dodge them and still die, or jump off the dang building :mad:

Whatever you choose, it doesn't matter, lol, the game goes straight to the credits.


Halo 2's cliffhangar was TERRIBLE!!! I was getting ready for the next level, but then the credits began to roll. WTF?!?!

They'd better redeem it with Halo 3 or there will be a good million people out there that will be pretty pissed off.


Ms. Malone
Second Sight, the game was amazing but the ending sucks. The guy just gets into a chopper and that's it!


l 7SIN Sasori l
The better ending to Donkey Kong Country 3 sucked. When you free the Queen Banana Bird and she chases down King K. Rool. I thought she was going to smite him something fierce. She dropped a cracked egg on him while he was speeding away in a hover Boat.

Extremely Bad...-__-;;


Halo 2's ending was the biggest disappointment in modern day gaming history. SO many fans were expecting an amazing story. I can imagine half the world's population going HUH?! when they finished the story, which btw was very half-assed all the way through.


Registered Member
Ya the Halo 2 ending was disappointing. But it just makes me want the next one even more. I hope it starts where it ended in number 2.


Lunar: Dragon Song worst ending I have ever seen and they killed Lunar games with it.


Problematic Shitlord
Halo 2 definitely. Best way to shut a Halo 2 fanboy up? Remind him that it has the worst story mode of modern gaming. A game that is only 50% good is not great, get it?

I don't know, I really didn't like the end of Kingdom Hearts too much. I was just expecting more I guess.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I've always been a little pissed at StarCraft: Brood War's ending, since there has been no sequal to it. The game ends saying how a new threat awaits, and its been years, and still waitin for that threat.


Problematic Shitlord
Go ahead and get angry, but FFVII had one of the worst endings because it was so great that it left you expecting a complete ending which it did not deliver. Until Advent Children, I wanted to know what happened with everyone and it pissed me off that they ended it without so much as a "Cloud did this" or "Barret went here."