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Worst day at work?


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Staff member
What was your worst day or experience at work? Mine has to be when I made over 1,000 product changes only to realise that I had spelled something wrong. Would have been easy if the system was set up for mass changes but it was not. I had to do it one by one due to he restrictions and limited access I had to the database.

Good times. :)


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My worst day at work had to be the day they told me that I was being laid off and I only had 2 more days of working there. They had told me the week before that if things did not pick up in the next month that they were going to have to let me go. One week later they told me that they had to let me go. I wasn't ready for that yet.


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I'm a social worker, and the time this happened I was working in a large, inner city trauma center. I had twenty patients lined up outside my office waiting for social services, at least fifty notes on my desk that had to be completed, and my $#%^$ supervisor made me take half the day off to go to a workshop on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

As I suspected, not one of the seven habits involved leaving your work behind to attend a seminar. After the first hour, I finally bribed one of the ER nurses to page me 911 so I could get out of there and get back to the work I needed to do.


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It happened a few months ago. Basically iam a work from home person,and on one fine day i got a better opportunity i.e., to work with a new employer who was willing to pay high when compared to my own employer. Since i work from home, i have to depend on my computer and when i was thinking that i should start my new work, my hard disk crashed down!!! That was my worst and bad day!