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Worst Date, Relationship, Breakup


Film Elitist
I know I'm not the only one here who's had a date or relationship that went sour.

So, naturally being as curious as I am, I'm interested to know what was the worst break-up/date/relationship that someone's had.

My worst break-up was when I went out on a date with this girl in my freshman year in high school and the next week she had her sister tell me she didn't want to go out with me anymore.

My worst relationship was probably my first official girlfriend that I dated. She had sexual orientation issues, :-\ , and sometimes a few rough patches with her father.

It ended with her breaking up with me because after 3 months of dating she decided there was no chemistry.


for me it was:

me and gf been together 2 years and some days...everything going fine...then she calls and says that this guy she will be seeing a lot of over the summer and doesn't think she can go without flirting etc so she said we should see other people. I'm like WTFFFF

then she, 1 week later says that she was an idiot, and we make up etc

but for that 1 week i was mad shitty.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Most of my break ups were mutual, but I have a few that werent, but they were not really harsh I suppose, and 99% of the time still remain friends.


When I first started highschool I had a crush on this girl. She liked one of my friends, but he insisted on leading her on in exchange for sex. After a while he got bored of trying, and dogged her out. I became the fall back I guess, and we started talking. I thought I was what she wanted. Then she goes on a trip to FL... she called every day for the first few days. Around the time she started to break the pattern, she started telling me about this guy she met down there. 2weeks i'd noticed I'd bearly heard from her, so I called, but she never had time to talk. The rare times we did communicate she spoke about this other dude. It hurt, but for some reason I didn't realize I was a little heart broken. I stayed home for a few days, and then went back to life. She came back from FL and told me she didn't want to talk any more.

A few months later the dude calls and says he doesn't want to talk to her on the phone anymore, because their convos weren't going any where. She cried for a few days. then we dated (how stupid of me I know.)
After about 6 months she started acting really pissy, so i dumped her. I was depressed for a good 3 months. She still calls, and sometimes I see her in the street. @ one point i started to think she was trying to talk to me again, but ain't no way I'm doing that again. The girl has too many issues.


Ms. Malone
My worst break up was....well better start from the beginning

I was going out with a guy from Doncaster and we talked over MSN. One day he introduced me to his mate and we got talking and became good friends. Then one day while I'm at my dads my bf IM's me and says 'you're cheating on me, aren't you?' and i wasn't, but he was told by one of my mates, that didn't even like my bf, that i was and it was with his mate that i was friends with. So my bf broke up with me.

After a while his mate asked me out, i said yes (how stupid of me). After a month or so i saw his true colours. He was an asshole so i dumped him! Go me! ^_^

Since then my relationships have been nothing but failures! I blame them!


Mehhh, lets see here

this is all posted in the need a friend thread lol, but I'll sum it up ... met this girl, but she was taken, and we hung out a bit like everyday for a week, she told me she was going to dump ber bf because they were having problems so she did and we went out for just 3 weeks, after that she dumps me and 1 day after that i have her ex IMing me asking why i got with her and blah blah and all that shit, well it turned out she told me they were over but they weren't, he lived 20 minutes away so easily she played both of us like fools

A.M. Radio

Well, it's always bad to break up Prom night.

Even worse to break up because you kiss your girlfriend and she freaks out in front of you friends and says "Your kiss tasted evil!"

You know, just a tip, never date girls who are in cults period.

Anonym0uz Bitch

That, and just dont date girls that have mental issues, should you find out later, then find some reason to break up without them trying to kill you.


Forum Drifter
Went out with a girl for two and a half years. Everything was fine. She kept getting crazier and crazier over time thoug, but the snatch was awesome. We were happy, then she moved four hours away for college. I went up and saw her three times (over two months, plus we always talked on the phone) but she never came down here. Then she kept yelling at me and and going into crazy mode because I wouldn't come up and see her every weekend. I was like what the fuck you haven't even come to see me once. Regardless, after that went on for a while I couldn't take it anymore. I broke up with her. Lot of other little things in there too. Way too much to type, but I guess that's the gist of it.


Registered Member
I seriously don't see the point of this thread when there are 2-3 other threads out there that talk about the same thing. Why don't you mods go and combine this thread with the others?