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Movies Worst Comic Book Based Movies


Sultan of Swat
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We sort of had a thread like this in the past I believe, but I found this guys list pretty good. I was wondering what your thoughts were on his list. Do you agree with his rankings and selections? Do you believe he left one out that should of been there?

411mania.com: Movies - Alternate Takes 7.10.10: Worst Comic Book Based Movies

Thoughts and opinions.


"Expect the unexpected"
I liked and enjoyed Ghost Rider....didn't have a problem with it, so, I would exclude it from the list. Every other item......spot on..... they were either very disappointing or just simply didn't live up to the hype that preceded them.


Ms. Malone
:-O i liked The Spirit, it's hilarious!

Catwoman i can agree with, Hallie Berry was just not right for the part.


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honestly, i think it's cuz most video games ppl dont play much. i doubt most directors have an xbox or playstation. so they dont know what the fans want. comic books on the other hand have been more compelling towards a larger audience, including the directors themselves when they were lil kids, and most of what they want to see in the movie is also what the fans wanna see. and plus, movies off most games are stupid. resident evil is already a dumb movie theme and so is mortal kombat. also, i think since games r meant for playing, u cant make a movie with a good story from a game as a base. mortal kombat barely had a story and just u punching out other ppl's spines and that would be a bad and boring movie


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superman 3 - where do you begin how bad that movie was- the split with clark kent and superman - richard pryor - the plot - and the overacting of robert vaughn !
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Where is my Queen?
The worst comic based movie I have seen was Batman and Robin and Ghostrider. Those movies were horrible and I walked out of Ghostrider. I am glad to see that Daredevil is not on the list. A lot of people hated that movie, but I liked it. I think it is one of the most underrated comic movies of our time.