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Tamer Of The LOLzilla
After taking in the technical marvel that is Avatar last weekend I got to thinking about some of less succesful attempts to make us believe in the fantastic.


Good God... look at the shorts!


I loved the first Blade film when it came out but the effect in the final fight scene were awful. Even though it wasn't a deal breaker it was still pretty lame watching Frost re attach his limbs in a sea of cartoon blood.


The Vam....I mean "Dark Stalkers" of I AM LEGEND looked so video gamey it was hard to take them seriously at all. I don't really understand why they had to be CGI in the first place, they were essentially just pale people.


There's something seriously terrifying about pasting the rock's head onto a scorpions body.

So what are some of you're favourite CGI nightmares?
I think you pretty much covered the worst of the worst. Haha. I actually enjoyed I Am Legend, but yeah, the monsters were pretty awful given the money and technology we have today.