Worst CD You Own?


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Hi all

I was wondering what is the worst CD you own?

For me it would have to be " Metallica : St. Anger " has to be the worst one in my collection. Total stinker. Not even the used CD places will take it! :lol:

How about you? What is the worst CD in your collection?
Let me look...

Wildstyle Pirate Radio - GTA: Vice City CD. I don't like one song on this CD. I sister got it for me because she thought this was the one I wanted. It wasn't. :eek:(


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I have so many that I am not even going to list them off as you might think I'm a total dweeb lol Needless to say the only ones that I still listen to are my Aerosmith, Queen, Pearl Jam, and Metallica CDs.