Worst Breath

What is the Worst Breath?

  • Coffee

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  • Milk

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  • Morning

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Son of Liberty
We all have the experience with it. When the nicotine stained hands of your boss find their place on your desk to discuss some paper work. When you're face to face at a coffee ring infested desk of your teacher talking about your grade. When you wake up next to the being you cant wait to spend your time with and they roll over for a kiss..... and they all breath on you.

What is the worst kind of breath?

Me personally I'd endure some of the nastiest kinds out there, but cigarette breathe usually makes me want to wrestle the person down and drown them in Binaca.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Some people have bad breath without taking any of those in the list. It smells like the insides of the body or something.


Living on the 0th floor
Cheese.... Oh My.... It is horrible if someone just straight up ate a piece of cheese or a string cheese. Not so much if they ate a cheeseburger or something with cheese on it, but just cheese...