Worst Breakup


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Thought I'd revive the past a little bit.

So what's the worst way that someone has broken up with you or the worst way that you broke up with someone else?

I don't have one that's really bad but I have a few frustrating incidents.

One of mine would have to be when this girl I went out with on one date with in high school had her sister come up and tell me that she didn't want to go out with me anymore.

That's small time to get it started.


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The worst is e-mail or text messages. Do it to my face isntead of taking the pansy way out.
The worst is when she gets a friend to do it for her...that happened to a good friend of mine. His ex, in hindsight, was an epic failure.

All my breakups (yep, all 2 of them) have been normal and calm...and face to face.


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I've only had to endure one breakup and she did it herself, so I haven't experienced a breakup that was poorly executed, just one that hurt a lot.


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A buddy of mine had a friend break up with his gf over aim.

He was studying for a test for one of his classes and she kept IMing him.

And he typed to her "I don't have time for you right now. Leave me alone" or something of that variation.

And that was the break up.
The worst for me involved my ex-fiance, and the father of my oldest queenie.
We were all set to get married, invitations were sent out, flowers ordered, all that was left was a walk down the aisle.
Unfortunately he didn't understand the concept of fidelity. When he started getting secret calls from another female, I did what any other self-respecting person would do. Kicked his ass out.:nod:
The hardest part was calling my friends and family to let them know the wedding was off.
Ow. I think the worst breakup I had was the one that didn't happen, so to speak. We just stopped seeing each other. And I met her one day, and I said hi, how are you doing. She says, I'm fine, thank you. And I said, oh.. that's good. And she said, yeah, I think so too. And I said, listen, I have this ticket for this movie I don't want to miss, go and buy a ticket and I'll meet you inside, halfway to the back row. And she didn't.


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I've been dumped over msn - I thought that was pretty pathetic, and when there was no actual reason. Nice guy that one.


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I had the MSN dump when I was younger, that girl then ended up with one of my best friends in a matter of days. I was pretty cool about the whole thing considering the knife to back ratio. they stayed together for a while and in time I managed to stay friends with them as a couple. Its now about four years on and shes been back with me in a more grown up relationship for about a year. The guy she left me for all that time ago is no longer speaking to me. Relationships are funny.