Worst Beginner NLHE Books and Dvd's

Truth is, most books have at least some information that is useful to a player that is trying to improve their game. Here are a few that i could have done without:

1. Powerful Profits from Tournament Poker by Victor H. Royer
This book is all text and is unreadable. There are no spaces between paragraphs and it reads like an essay that is based on opinion.
I got it free and it's not even worth giving away. All the information is probably in other books. Actually, maybe it has some good information but it is completely unreadable so I never really read it.

2. The Real Deal
If you're a Super novice, then try reading this, but overall it seemed to have such elementary knowledge that it isn't worth the time.

Post your WORST BEGINNER NLHE BOOKS AND DVDS which wasted time you could have spent playing poker!


I pwn noobs
Comprehensive: No Limit Hold 'em and Tournament" by Rock Banker and bad beats and lucky draws by Phil helmuth all he does is stroke his ego the whole book lol