Worst anime ideas ever.

Discussion in 'Anime' started by Clear_Note, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Clear_Note

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    I'm gonna go ahead and start off by saying Beyblade.

    Plastic tops with spirits inside them?! C'mon, as much as I love playing beyblades and as cool as it is to see them hammer at each other, this shit was too ridiculous. First of all, the tops move like fucking ninjas on ice skates across the battle field. What the hell? Beyblade battles don't last longer than a few seconds, at most a minute unless you seriously kick ass with a bey blade. And how does a beyblade jump or bounce on top of another beyblade? It looks cool with the CGI tops and the sparks but goddamn is that unrealistic. At least with yugioh or duelmasters they had the excuse that the whole game itself had links to magic and another world, but here, it's just ordinary freaking tops with a spirit thing inside it. HOW DOES A TOY HAVE A SPIRIT INSIDE IT? THAT MAKES NO SENSE. AND NOT EVEN LIKE A TOY ROBOT OR ANYTHING, A TOP. A COLLECTIBLE PLASTIC TOP. It's like

    Spirit: Hey, I'm just, ya know, stopping by, OOH a toy i'm gonna go possess it and help this kid cheat in tournaments.

    And how come the fields are gigantic? A normal beyblade battle lasts only around 5- 30 seconds, that's it. It's spinning tops knocking each other over, not fucking foosball, you don't need a giant ass field.

    And what's worse, they make it seem all serious, like it's a matter of life and death or something. THEY'RE SPINNING TOPS TO SEE WHOS TOP SPINS LONGER. ITS A GAME. There's this one scene where this guy is standing in the rain and suddenly a ton of generic beyblades come at him, and he knocks them all down with his own beyblade and it's supposed to be cool. And there's another one where these kids are staying at a hotel or something and when they walk out OH SHIT! A plastic top flies by and...shreds a chunk out of the wooden pillar next to him??? What the hell? Since when were plastic tops replacements for shurikens and guns? Why can't they attack with real weapons? Is this some other dimension where children's toys are supposed to be tough?

    When I first saw this I said "they can't be serious." But they were.

    I'd put bobobo first, but they're actually TRYING to be stupid, so they've done their job.

  2. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

    You beat me to it, Bobobo...yeah...

    The new Pokemon series, i haven't watched it but i caught it on Jetix last night and was like 'WTF, HOW IS THIS STILL POPULAR!!!???'

    Duel Masters, it's like trying to copy Yugioh but it's totally stupid like Bobobo.
  3. Clear_Note

    Clear_Note Demon King/Sith Warrior

    Yeah. Duel masters saved it's ass from being cancelled the first season by using cool CGI monsters. Pokemon is still terrible, but it's slightly improving because sometimes they do a little more than just yelling "use this!" and then the pokemon doing what they said. Still crap, though. But improved crap. Like, fertilizer quality crap.
  4. patkick

    patkick #21

  5. Pugz

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    That actually looks good in a weird way. If we go off topic a little and say 'weird' instead of 'worst' i'd nominate Power Puff Girls Z.
  6. Mason

    Mason phawq

    Eh, Yu-gi-oh itself was pretty stupid too. Why would someone who's evil want to duel someone in a childrens card game to decide whether they'll kill them, or destroy the world or whatever? Why do the people themselves playing the card game, feel the "pain" they're monster cards are recieving? In fact, why would a childrens card game be of most importance to teenagers and adults to begin with?
  7. Clear_Note

    Clear_Note Demon King/Sith Warrior

    Because having real life monsters as partners is already done. Now, put those monsters inside a children's card game and BAM!
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  8. bernardsredcape

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    I've heard a rumour that they're making an anime version of genius late 80's/early 90's sitcom 'Brush Strokes'. I hope it's true and they can get the original cast to provide the voices, especially the dishy Karl Howman, but last i heard, he lives in Spain selling Flash liquid to Germans on the beach....
  9. src72

    src72 New Member

    wot u talkin about wilis?
    that was a cool show if true il watch that if only for a chuckle

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