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We've had a discussion about best television family, now I want to have a discussion about the worse television family. Which TV family would you like the least to live with? Thoughts and explanations please.


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The Tanners from Full House. That is WAY too happy and cheesy for me. Also, as much as I love Family Guy, I'd hate to be in that family. They got all mad and freaked out over Brian's Atheism, and Peter is freaking retarded. :lol:
The Tanners from Full House. That is WAY too happy and cheesy for me.
7th Heaven, too.

Since I said that, I'm going with 7th Heaven as my choice. Why you ask? Well, they are too perfect. Since you said "least to live with" then it would be them. I would be the black sheep of the family! We can't have that. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't try. It's just that they have that perfect way of living and I just wouldn't fit in. I would be the Jessica Alba of the series; sent off to military school or wherever she went. :D


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Probably the Banks family from Fresh Prince. Don't get me wrong, they live in a palace and that would be awesome but Uncle Phil would scare me too much. He is the devil when he gets angry.


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The Bundys from Married With Children. They never have any money. There's never any food in the house. And they're completely disfunctional as a family.