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Worrying About Things You Can't Change?


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I find myself worrying about world issues, these are things that I clearly cannot change. I can do my part to help (e.g, recycle,donate) but worrying about it beyond that point does nothing except cause unnecessary and non productive stress. I am working on it and I am getting the worrying problem under control with varying degrees of success as time goes but I still wish that these thoughts didn't occupy my mind at all. I am asking for advice on how to help stop worrying about world issues/things I can't change. I want to focus all my mental energy on things I can change, like doing my part to help with world issues and solving the problems in my life as opposed to trying to play God to the world. See what I mean? Thanks for the advice ahead of time.


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When my children were little, I can remember worrying about such things.
Seeing my baby sleep and worrying if the world would come to an end before I got to watch him grow up.
My husband thought I was nuts!
But I recall literally losing sleep over those issues, so I think I understand.
Everyone always says, no since worrying over anything you have no control over....well, unless you've walked in my shoes, or yours, nobody needs to tell me shit......I'll worry if I wanna worry :-/
My Mother says my excessive worrying came naturally/honestly....she did it as well.
It's also the reason I developed stomach ulcers, so worrying is definitely not good for you.
I'd say with you trying to do your part as far as recycling is a good start.
And then maybe look at the bright positive things in your life...I'm not sure of your age, but I'm guessing you are young and healthy and have family......spend as much time with them, doing things with them as you possibly can.
I can't tell you to stop worrying.....I can't even begin to tell you what to do to try and worry less.
But the fact that you seem to already know you have a 'problem'......is a beginning, and maybe you can find other outlets to keep your mind occupied, instead of worrying.
No matter how much worrying we do....what is gonna happen, is gonna happen.
Best of luck to you~


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Try not to pay attention to the things you worry about, for example, ignore news about climate change, because you can't make that drastic change that really matters on your own. While you should make a conscientious effort to do that right thing, there is only so much you can do. You can also channel that energy into something different. Hope you are aware that you are venturing into OCD territory?