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Worried about having your auction reported?


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Staff member
Apparently some people claim that by posting their auctions here, they are being reported to eBay and removed.

Allow me to explain what most likely is happening.

You post a "questionable" auction here.

Another member sees it, and is offended, OR, anybody on eBay sees it...

It is reported.

It is ended.

By posting "questionable" auctions here, then sure, you are probably more likely to have it shut down if a member or visitor sees it and reports it...

BUT, use common sense here. If you post a normal auction that abides within eBay's policy, the only thing you will get by posting it here is traffic. If it's within eBay's policy, then no matter how many people report it, it won't be shut down.

If you feel that your auctions are being pulled too often, then perhaps you should consider whether or not you would mind showing and explaining your auction to your kid. If not, then there's the reason it's being pulled.

It has nothing to do with where you post it.


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Andrew, I completlely agree. I'm sure there have been a few cases where ebay didn't really have to pull an auction....but overall the auctions that are getting pulled have some sort of violation.

I've posted a couple auctions on this site that maybe would be somewhat questionable, and ebay didn't touch them....so i definatly don't think posting in this forum will cause an auction to be pulled


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The thing is, most auctions that have gotten pulled, that were also posted here, were of the really outrageous type. Ive had to agree with ebay 99% of the time when a auction gets pulled.

Its become a competition type thing, and theres been alot of 'cheating' involved. overall, I think the weird auctions have hit a wall, and are not even worth trying anymore. Waste of money... Sell me something real please


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Well I have worried that some of mine would "not" get pulled. and they didn't!
Boohooohoooo.... Hahahahahahaha oh well maybe next time! :lol:


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I had some of mine pulled but there weren't all out there.. sometime it can be someone else in another site if you posted it there too come to find out that it can be pulled... heck I had yu gi oh cards pulled because of someone complain that I they paid me and never did and I showed proof he never did and ebay said to relist it..but at least i got my seller fees but this person is on a mission to get my auctions down for cards.....but that person is blocked and geesh some people just need to get a life........nani


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I doubt that people's auctions are solely being pulled because they are posted here. Maybe their auctions were questionable to begin w/ and prior to posting here and always slid under the radar. Now that the auctions are here it gives others the opportunity to see them who nomally wouldn't. It could happen at any of the hp auction sites. Questionable is questionable. It's not the sites' fault.