Worm crawls into man's eyes


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This man went to see an eye doctor after having blurred vision. The doctor discovered that the man had a worm in his eye and killed the worm with a laser.

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If this happend to me, i wouldn't think that there would be a worm in my eye and my reaction would probably be to rub my eyes. I wonder how long that worm was in his eye and would the worm gotten bigger.


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Pretty gross ~LoL~
I have seen shows on the Tv where people have traveled to other countries and come back with worms in their necks and head.
The bugs land on the human and somehow, burrow and lay eggs under their scalp or skin...and then later, the damn eggs hatch, leaving the individual with a worm in their body~
Gives me shivers~
I watched when one doctor removed the worm....a big fat thing, from a woman's scalp....it was squirming...........ewww-ish, I gotta shut up now :shake: