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Worldwide unemployment


New Member
Most of the people in the world are facing the problem of unemployment. Despite of being educated, they are being forced to live in the dark world of unemployment. As for instance, many educated people from Nepal are facing this people. Even though they get the job, but the earning is not enough for them to fulfill their necessities. Due to which they are being forced to work in other's countries. But, the question arise here that who is responsible for this?


Registered Member
For Nepal specifically, it seems that political uncertainty hurts the situation. It also seems that as a nation, Nepal isn't very developed technologically - which has some advantages, but also limits you in many ways.

Worldwide, there are a number of different factors. Many countries are almost desolate, for one reason or another. Other countries were doing alright, but have recently made terrible choices, and mismanaged their resources, and are now paying the price.