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Worlds Tallest Dog Dies


Free Spirit
Staff member
Giant George, the world's tallest dog ever has died at home in Tuscon, Arizona one month before his eighth birthday.

Passing away surrounded by owners on October 17th, the blue Great Dane measured 43 inches tall from paw to shoulders and was able to stand seven-feet-three-inches tall on his hind legs.

Giant George the world's tallest dog EVER who stood over 7ft tall on his hind legs passes away at home | Mail Online
This dog is big, so big the pictures look fake. I bet he ate like a horse and probably felt like you had a horse in the house. He is pretty though and he looks friendly so I bet they will miss him a lot. RIP George


New Member
Losing a dog is many times sad and painful.
I lost my dog more than a year a go, and I still miss him.
He was smart, strong, liked to run and play, always looked for me and followed me at home many times...It was more like a little brother but, more loyal.

I wonder how it feels like satnding next to that high dog when he was alive.
It probably felt like he could eat me.
Being big is hard for the heart, it needs to pump the blood harder, I think...
Maybe that's why he lived for only 8 years...


Free Spirit
Staff member
A lot of the larger breeds only live for about 8 or 9 years. My rottweiler only lived to be 8 and it really hurt me when she died, she was my best friend.

It would be something to have a dog that big especially in the house. If you were sitting in a chair they could just walk up and lick you in the face or take your food. I would of like to seen this dog.