World's tallest card tower leveled with a leaf blower


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That must have taken several days to build. What the hell kind of cards did he use? They're like extra sturdy or something. My card towers fall over if I breathe on them. His 30 foot tower hardly took any damage from a leaf blower. He had to use his hands to finally knock the thing over.


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If you look closely he double and triple stacks his cards when he uses them. So each card most likely has 1-2 cards right next to it to make it more sturdy. Not to mention all that weight probably kept it somewhat sturdy. At least enough to keep it standing during minor "wind".


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I think it would of been cool if he ran into it. That was pretty neat and probably took along time just to build those towers. I don't think I can make anything that high with those cards. If I make some slits in them I probably could.


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I wonder how many decks of cards he used, it is pretty obvious that he didn't glue any of the cards because of the way that the tower fell but I really want to know how he built the tower, that would take at least a month straight of building even with a ladder.


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i've seen how he does it (it was a segment on the local news one time). he makes like a honeycomb (but square) with the cards, then lays down a layer of cards like 3 or 4 thick, then adds another layer of honeycomb, etc.