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Worlds Strangest Drinking Customs


Free Spirit
Staff member
Some of these customs are rather strange and filled with superstition. The one I absolutely couldn't live with is the one in Canada with the dehydrated human toe in your drink. Well the one Spain has where if you make a toast with a glass of water you will be cursed with 7years of bad sex isn't great either but a toe, yuck.

I've known people that had little customs when drinking but nothing like some of these. I don't even know of any strange US customs. Maybe a toast but mostly people just drink then do the strange things afterwards.

I was wondering if any of you had your own personal drinking custom? Or have you ever been to some of the places listed in the article and experienced those customs or would want to?

The World's 25 Strangest Drinking Customs


Creeping On You
Haha! I've never heard about that toe thing. That's crazy. I'd be right grossed out, especially considering the toe would rehydrate lol.


Free Spirit
Staff member
When I read that I was thinking about you and if you did that. Wonder if they keep using the same toe, if so it must be pickled by now.

I must say in the case of drinking with a toe in your glass is more of a custom at one bar in the Yukon.


Registered Member
Canada - in one saloon in one city and that's how they talk about drinking in Canada?! Gee, wonder if any of the others are any more relevant if one was to actually go to those countries and engage in some drinking.

The one for Japan is generally true - at least for every place I've been here.
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