Worlds Oldest mother dies.


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I was reading about this today, the Oldest woman to have ever given birth has died leaving her twin boys basicly parentless.

She gave birth aged 66 after lying about her age to get IVF treatments, she died aged 69.
She died of cancer.

IMO I think she was selfish to bring children into the world at her age, if she was that desperate for kids she could have adopted.


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Yeah I saw this on the news earlier. Aren't the two boys only about 3 years old? I think it was pretty selfish of her to have them so old. Sure you can't guarantee how long you're going to live at any age, but there's a less chance you're going to be able to see your kids grow up the later in life you have them.


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I heard about this, and they are showing something on channel 4 about the worlds oldest mothers next week. In the advert you see a woman who looks about 80 (obviously she isn't if the oldest was 60 something) breast feeding. It made me feel sick. She had facial hair too. Beurk!
I also think she should have adopted, it's not fair on the kids. Who in their right mind would have children at that age anyway? I think the complications become faar more likely..


To me she was being way selfish.
she didn't think she was too old to have kids and that she would die early and leave those poor kids alone.
even if she didn't have cancer and died at 80, her kids would be 14 y.o so she only had those 2 to satisfy herself ...


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Adoption wouldn't have been the answer either. It would still have left adopted children without a parent.. once again.


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A very sad situation for the children. But like ysabel mentioned a parent can die at any time. I have known a few people who lost their parents before they turned 18. I had an ex-boyfriend whose biological dad died two months before he was born.