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World's longest non-stop flights


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This is just something I saw the other day that I thought was interesting.

The world’s longest non-stop flights, mapped

I'm not surprised that the longest flight is to or from Sydney. Never knew you could fly there non-stop from Dallas though. 15+ hours. That would be fun.

Anyone here ever flown any of those routes?

I think the longest flight I've taken was 8 hours from Chicago to Honolulu. Pretty sure that was longer than Chicago to Paris. Still, that's a long time to be on an airplane.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Never been on a plane but I doubt I could stand being on a flight for 15 hours. Considering how much they are cutting down on leg room I think it would be really uncomfortable.


I hate flying, so these all sound like my worst nightmare. Haha.

My longest flight was from New York to California.


Embrace the Suck
The longest flight I've ever been on was from Houston to LA. I hate flying so I was going nuts by the time we landed. I can't imagine being on an 8 hour flight.