World's Fattest Man


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So, I ask you. At what point in the weight gain process does one simply decide to completely and utterly give up on any possibly path of weight loss?

This guy weighed 1,300 pounds at the time of this picture. :shocked: :cry: :shake:

I have no clue if he is still alive. :urp:


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Here's an interesting update on him.

His name is Manuel Uribe and he actually had been dieting hardcore for the past several years. He's lost his Guinness world record as current heaviest man but I guess he decided living longer was more important.

He shed 700 pounds and probably still weighs somewhere around 500-600 pounds.

I have to hand it to the guy for dieting to lose the weight. What I don't get is why he decided to wait until 1,300 pounds for that "wake up call" to take effect.

He recently got married too: - 'World's Fattest Man' to Marry After Massive Diet - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

Hopefully he can continue to lose weight. He'll get a world record for most weight lost not counting regained weight. That's a better record to have. :D

Now on a side note... Stretch marks anybody? :shocked:


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I saw his story on Amazing Medical Stories last year, that certain episode got me following the show.

He has done so well in his dieting, it's great to see, congratulations to him.


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aww bless him. defo congrats.

People nowadays judge so much, and to a degree i can understand that its down to him to amend the weight issue. But sometimes...medically its really hard to drop weight.
Plus we can easily sit here n say well.."its his fault" but in reality...its no different than a eating disorder...people harm themselves by starving...and the world feels sorry...people over eat in comfort and we point fingers.??

Anyway.i wish him all the best x


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So, I ask you. At what point in the weight gain process does one simply decide to completely and utterly give up on any possibly path of weight loss?
I don't know if the 'one' who decides, is it the person him or herself, or is it the 'feeder.'?

Some men are sexually attracted to people whose bodies are grotesquely overweight. They can have sex with just about every crevice. Such men are guilty of physical and mental sexual abuse, whether the eater likes it not not. [Often, they don't like... but what are they going to do? Tiptoe out the door and run down the street? Maybe not. It's too painful for them not to eat, so they just eat and eat and eat and die.
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Cool, he's getting married? That says a lot about that woman. =)

I saw Richard Simmons giving him help awhile back. I don't know what became of it, but as for this story, I'm interested to see if he stays with it or not. Best of luck, Manuel.


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I actually caught part of this over the weekend on Discovery Channel. With regards to all the "stretch marks" as it were, I'm sure someone plastic surgeon will come forward and offer to give him a body makeover surgery as it were and he'll loose probably close to 100 lbs more I'm betting cuz there is no way his skin is going to go back to normal after that.


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That's amazing.

How do people ever get like that, it's beyond my comprehension.

Good on him though for trying to lose weight, I'm not sure of his age but he looks young so maybe he can lead a more normal adulthood.