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Worlds Craziest Hotels


Free Spirit
Staff member
Not everyone wants the typical room service, continental breakfast, and double bed of a chain hotel. Whether you still harbor a childhood dream of living in a treehouse, or you love wine so much you'd give anything to sleep inside a giant empty wine barrel, there's a crazy hotel out there that fits your vacation needs. Sometimes, something whacky is called for. Here are 15 of the world's most eye-popping, weird, and wonderful hotels.

15 Craziest Hotels Around The World
I wouldn't mind spending a night in some of these hotels like the Grand Canyon Cavern Suits but some of them you would have to pay me to stay in. I don't know about a ice hotel, looks like you would freeze your buns off or sleeping in a coffin, I'll be there soon enough.

What do you think about these hotels? Would you stay in one? Have you ever stayed in one?


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For an ice hotel, you would need very warm clothes including something really, really warm to sleep in. In my opinion, I wouldn't sleep in an ice hotel, I'd get sick in a minute.


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Some of those look quite interesting. I like the look of the treehotel in Sweden. The bubbles in France could be quite an experience to sleep in. Not sure if I would, it would depend on how private the location of them is. I wouldn't want random people walking past and peering in at me sleeping.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think my favorite is the ice hotel. I love sleeping in cool/cold temperatures, so as long as it has warm covers on the bed, which I'm sure it does, then it would be great.


I'm serious
The first thing I thought when I saw the tread title was the Ice Hotel. I've always wanted to go there. Of course, I'm thinking about the Ice Hotel in Norway, not Canada, but ice is ice, I guess. :lol:

The only other hotel I like and would want to stay on in that list is the Tree House one in Sweden. And maybe the Underground one in Sweden as well. But the rest look either lame or just not that great. Coffins? Really?